Sunday, May 5, 2013

Summer Challenge!

Who's up for some summer fun?

Today, I asked my kids what they would like to do this summer. I wrote down their ideas. I'm going to post them on the refrigerator and use them as a defense against the curse of "I'm bored -itis." Also, I just think it will be fun to see how many of these things we can actually do!

In no particular order...

1.  Go fishing.
2.  Have a backyard campout.
3.  Go golfing.
4.  Go swimming.
5.  Find shark's teeth.
6.  Go to the beach.
7.  Go to the zoo.
8.  Make popsicles.
9.  Roast marshmallows.
10. Make smores.
11. Play in the rain.
12. Play in the sprinkler.
13. Have a dance party ("and shake your booty" - courtesy of Aspen).
14. Find seashells.
15. Go to St. Augustine for a day.
16. Build a project with Dad.
17. Make lemonade.
18. Go to Legoland and trade minifigures with the workers.
19. Go to DisneyWorld.
20. Paint pictures.
21. Have a cookout, and eat outside.
22. Have a picnic.
23. Make our own bubbles.
24. Make our own slime.
25. Go to the library.
26. Write our own story.
27. Write our own poem.
28. Find ways to serve and help others.
29. Sew something on the sewing machine.
30. Build a giant sand castle.
31. Dress up like Star Wars characters.
32. Go to a movie at the beach.
33. Go bowling.
34. Build a giant Lego ship.
35. Make our own candy.
36. Make snow cones.
37. Paint our rooms.
38. Paint the outside of our house.
39. Make shirts.
40. Put together a big puzzle.
41. Make our own puzzle.
42. Make an obstacle course.
43. Put on a show.
44. Go to M&M and Cracker Jack's house.
45. Do some Connect-the-Dots.
46. Read books.
47. Play board games.
48. Make cookies for our friends.
49. Listen to Adventures in Odyssey Novacom Series.
50. Go to tae kwon do.
51. Play hopscotch.
52. Wear costumes to the store.
53. Go skating.
54. Go bike riding.
55. Sing loud in the car with all the windows down.
56. Pray for missionaries.
57. Help at 2nd Mile.
58. Go to VBS.
59. Have a scavenger hunt.
60. Play hide and go seek.
61. Visit new parks.
62. Have a puppet show.
63. Make a home movie.

...that's what we've got so far!

Any other ideas!?!? I'd love to have a longer list, especially with more FREE ideas! :)

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