Thursday, August 30, 2012

And the Beat Goes On...

Earlier this week, I shared some of my anxiety and struggle with week 17 of this pregnancy, and several other things that were going on. I have had some pretty cool God stuff happen, so I thought it was more than appropriate to update you prayin' friends!

So, first, the car. I wish I could share the whole entire story because it just makes God that much cooler, but I can only share part. Add 50% more coolness to this story in your mind. Or 100%, whatever. We were T-boned in March. Due to circumstances, we have only had one car since then. This past week, we were put in a huge bind and down to ZERO cars, which is a bit inconvenient. We decided to take a rather significant loss and just settle so we could move on with our lives. So, we took the loss. We were out about $1000 on storage of the van at a local garage because it has been sitting there for so long. Disappointing, but alas. Anyway, the man who owns this garage is a GOOD man. He is a Jesus lovin' fella, and I have sent many friends to his place for work on their cars. He told us he was getting his wife a new vehicle and we could take a look at her old one if it would work for us. It's a Suburban. I was a little hesitant because of the gas, and wondering whether my little people could get in and out on their own. We tried it out, and it was perfect! He offered to sell it to us for the amount we settled for, which was a HUGE blessing because it is worth more than that... but he's a family friend, has known us a long time, and you know, just a great guy. So, we're like, "YES!" We write him a check for the amount we settled for and were feeling so grateful, when he then writes US a check, refunding us the amount we lost in the claim due to storage of the vehicle!!! WHAT!?!?!? SERIOUSLY BLOWN AWAY! You better believe I will be advertising heavy for this place if you ever need work done on your car. SUCH a huge and major blessing from God, and I really felt like it was significant that it happened in week 17 of this pregnancy, like God was giving me this special little present. That might sound so silly, but sometimes He does that sort of thing.

So, He's done something else. On Monday, I went to the Kangaroo to get a Roo cup full of Icee goodness for my kiddos. I walk in, and there is a new worker. His name is Ransom. WHAT.? It pretty much freaked me out, not in a good way. I was really stressing about this turn of events. WHO is named Ransom, other than my dead baby? No one. Is God trying to let me know this baby will die, too? I don't know... but let me now fast forward to TODAY. I was doing a homeschool evaluation for a friend, and then we were chatting about all sorts of life stuff, when I said to her (and to myself), "Well, the Lord hasn't given us a spirit of fear." AS I WAS MAKING THIS STATEMENT, RANSOM (from the Kangaroo) WALKED INTO THE RESTAURANT, RIGHT BEHIND MY FRIEND. This is not a joke. This guy I've never seen in my life, I have seen twice during week 17 of this fear-ridden pregnancy. This young man with the same name as my little one who is gone, walked into a restaurant as I was telling a friend that the Lord didn't give us a spirit of fear. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, if any of my children will live or die, but I do KNOW that I know that I know that I know that fear is most certainly NOT from God. Thank you for praying with me to slam my staff into the ground and declare to the enemy, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" He is most certainly NOT going to pass. How cool and amazing and huge is our God, seriously!?!?

Anyway, I have been really blessed by these occurrences this week, and I hope you will be as well. God is always up to somethin'.


  1. Chills!!! Our God is SO good! Ugh, I just love your family so much and pray for you all continually. You and Q are one of my favorite couple of all time and so thankful that I know you in real life, even though we might not see each other face to face all the time. I know that If I were to see you in real life I could talk and listen with you forever. So with that said, I love our Abba. I love you. I love your family.

  2. {tears streaming down my cheeks}
    God is so good.