Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Five Years Old


Wow, five years old seems really grown up to me. I can hardly believe you've been around for so long! I'm so proud of the young man you are becoming. This year, we had so much fun learning, exploring, and playing together! We visited lots of parks, captured a gazillion bugs, made play-doh, goop, and slime. We painted to our hearts' content, and we READ. We read a LOT!

God continues to use you to shape me into more of who He'd like me to be. I think a lot of this year's challenge was about TRUST. Do I really trust HIM to take care of you? You are a big boy now. You deserve and have earned new levels of independence. In one sense, it is a HUGE relief because you've become my right-hand man, my biggest help. On the other hand, it is hard to begin the process of letting you go... but I think that's my job as your mom. I don't like thinking about it in exactly that way, but it's the truth. God created you with a purpose and mission. He entrusted me to raise you up and send you out to accomplish it. I pray every day that I'm doing that.

You and I have gone to 2nd Mile's after school program every Monday of this school year, and it's been a special time for the two of us. No little sister bugging us on the car rides, so we can talk about life and all of the crazy things in your imagination! I hope that you've learned something about service by going to 2nd Mile, but I honestly think you've just loved being there, playing with the big kids, and getting to "win" all the games outside because you are like the little mascot of the group.

You are really creative and silly. You like telling jokes, which mostly involve the rhyming of nonsensical words, but you always get a laugh out of me!

You are a huge help with your sister. You play with her. You hug her. You console her (sometimes after you've upset her, granted), but you continue to grow into the kind of young man I am proud to call my son.

Thank God for you, my sweet, firstborn boy. You'll never, ever know how much I love you, or how much God has used you already. I look forward to seeing your story continue to unfold... but not too fast, okay?.

Happy Birthday, Big Boy!



PS - Ephraim's actual birthday was April 20th, so I'm not quite a month late in writing this. ;)

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