Monday, April 23, 2012

School's Out for Summer!!!

Well, I'm done lesson planning for this PreK adventure year! Last week, since it was Ephraim's birthday, I let him check out whatever books he wanted from the library (which included a number of Lego and Transformers Level 1 readers), do whatever crafts he wanted, and just play! And we are stickin' with it! We'll still be doing Bible lessons, and family devotions, lots of reading, and lots of crafting, but we are done with the formality of the "school year." Hope you've had fun with us! :)


  1. Hi Jennifer! Do you post your lesson plans anywhere? I am a 4th time momma but will be a 1st time homeschooler, my daughter should start K in 2014 but we are way ahead of the game on learning right now. I haven't ever experienced homeschooling at all, would love to see your lesson plans if you share them (pre-k, k, & 1st)! Thank you!

    1. Yes, if you look at the other posts labeled "lesson plans," you can find links to all of my lesson plans from this year. :)