Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Great Park Adventure - Verona Park

Today, the Great Park Adventure took us out to San Jose Boulevard, to visit Verona Park! We met up with lots of friends and had a blast!

Verona is secluded, very shady, and surrounded by nature. The kids spent much more of their time exploring the nature than the park. It was really fun. :)

You know it's a fast slide when you snap a blurry picture!

Swings for the kiddos...

Pouty face because she was holding a grudge against a friend. Girls. *eyeroll*

A fun tube slide

The playground area is fenced in with several benches for your sitting pleasure. The ground is dirt, so if you are digging or mess-averse, it may not be the park for you. ;)

The kids, of course, discovered the one secret passageway in and out of the gate (i.e., broken gate).

And this is the other possible downside to this park. This back exit beckons children to roam out into the world, and to try their luck at the drop down to a small, what I will call a stream. ;) Our kids all found their way there.

AND LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!!!! They congregated together, hushing us and holding us back. I believe they were bird-watching.

They then took us on a hike around the stream to get to the other side, picking up sticks and things along the way. At this point, several of them huddled together, "to make a plan." We were gathering sticks to build a bridge across the stream, and I suppose they were divvying up responsibilities. ;)

Looks like a pretty serious plan, huh!?

Finally, the plan in action!

Aspen was last to relinquish her stick.

So, we had a blast at this park. Objectively speaking, I wouldn't say it's super amazing as a park, but I'm no kid trying to build a bridge across a stream. This was clearly a case of nature being far superior to man-made playground equipment. :)

HERE is the park's website, and its amenities are listed below.

Park Amenities

Playground Equipment4
Trash Barrels3

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  1. So cute! I love the ones of them all huddled up together! Professional bridge makers and squirrel watchers. :)