Monday, January 2, 2012

Blessings for 2012

Wow! It's a new year already. I can hardly believe it. I have lots of thoughts swirling in my mind, but hopefully this will be somewhat coherent.

I am not traditionally a resolution maker. Why? Cause seriously, ya'll, I make resolutions all the time. I am obsessive about keeping them, and I think a year is way too long for a proper resolution turnaround time. I know you're laughing at me. That's fine. I get things done. :) Anyway, I do have a couple of general ideas that I'd like to implement in 2012. I actually hate these sorts of goals because they are so hard to measure, and I admit it, I like to know if I've succeeded! So, here are some of the general things that I'd like to do better in 2012.

First, I want to cultivate relationships with people who are not like me. Don't we all fall into those clone ruts where we only hang out with people with our same worldview and opinions? I do. This year, I'm going to make more of an effort toward the people who don't fall into those categories. Those relationships are so beneficial for growing and challenging one another, and ultimately, as a believer, my job here on earth is not to hang out in the club with other believers. So, I won't. :)

Second, I am going to try to be less of a know-it-all. It drives me crazy when other people do it, but I know I'm exactly the same way. So, I'm going to try to check myself before offering unsolicited advice or my "obviously right answer" to their problems. I suppose this one could be measured quite easily. :)

Finally, I want to tell people the things that I love and admire about them. So, I'll start now. This is just a random listing of lots of people in my life. If you aren't here, you will be soon! I'm going to try to keep these to just a couple of lines, whatever jumps out at me.

Quincy - You are so steadfast and good. Just GOOD. Sometimes, I don't even get how GOOD you are. You are slow to anger and quick to forgive (neither of which are my strong points). Love you HUGE!

Mom and Dad - You are really, really generous. I so appreciate what you are doing for us. You are also really thoughtful. I know that you often go out of your way to make our lives easier, while inevitably making yours harder. Thank you!

Ephraim - You are super smart. I am so proud when I watch you read and learn new things. You have always amazed me with your vocabulary and intelligence. I'm also so excited when you offer unsolicited prayer for issues and problems. You get it, my man.

Aspen - You are STRONG. You are definitely your momma's girl. You have got a stubborn streak that won't quit, but I believe this will serve you well in life. I love seeing you just GO FOR IT! You can do anything, little lady.

Sharon - You are a pioneer and a trailblazer. You have walked and are walking all sorts of difficult roads, and you persevere. You love DEEPLY. You give mercy to scandalous degree. You are one of the most generous people I know. I hope I'm like you when I grow up.

Ashley - You are tough. You are walking through so many difficult situations, but you are MAKING IT. You WILL make it. You can handle whatever is thrown your way. I believe in you!

Morgan - You are honest, funny, and loving. You are an amazing mom to your little ones, and I know way too much about what a great wife you are. ;)

Suzy - You are my funny, sweet, down-to-earth friend! I am so thankful that God allowed us to cross paths and I let you steal me from Cyndi. I could seriously spend days just laughing with you!

Cyndi - You are seriously one of the funniest people I've ever known. I'm super happy we're back in one another's lives (to whatever small degree) and that I get the benefit of your vast medical knowledge and experience. Let's get together lots while Suzy's away and make her super jealous.

Janice - MY LOVE! Oh my word, who doesn't love Janice Foster??!?!? You are the eternal bosom of goodness and warmth, and also ridiculously funny and entertaining. I love you, your life, your story, and I LOVE that God let me know you. I know how much He adores you.

Mark - I love that you and I are secret twins in many ways. This is really random, but I will never forget the day we found out about Ransom, pulling in your driveway, and making eye contact with you indicating that things were not well. It's one of those random, etched-in-stone memories. Thank you for being there for us, in so many ways. Thanks for being a bulwark. I think Janice will appreciate my calling you a bulwark.

Joy - Girl, you are an inspiration. I know the past year and a half have been hard, good, bad, crazy, and unexpected. And YOU have survived! You are better than ever, and I know God is continuing to grow you and mold you more into His image. How cool is that!?!?

Colleen - You are the picture of sweetness. You have all the characteristics that I have to work REALLY hard to possess, and I admire you for that! You are gentle and slow to speak. I know you have such a tender heart, and I really need to take some lessons. :)

Ryan - So thankful God put you in our lives. You are the real deal, God's man chasing after God's plan, whatever it looks like. I also appreciate that we have the same sense of humor, so that when I go overboard, Quincy and Colleen will give you dirty looks as well. :)

Holly - I MISS YOU! You are strength and beauty. You are passionate and loving. You are an amazing mom, living an amazing life that God has laid out for you. I also think you are super cool and have an amazing sense of style (clothing and home dec, fyi). ;)\

Britney - You are so sweet, and I love your secret, quirky sense of humor and amazing craftiness. You are a ball of yummy, and I just might eat you up!

Jason - You are a funny fella. I so miss your randomocity. PODIATRIC, for the win. Love how you love your family, and the kind of husband and dad you are!

Crystal - You are funny and outgoing, and ridiculously talented. I am always so proud of you when I see you, or hear you sing. I'm pretty sure I will always think of you as a sister in my heart. :)

Jamie - Man, you never give up! I love that God gave you a vision, and you continue to passionately chase after it. I'm proud of you, brother. Keep running!

Kim - Love you dearly, you crazy, crazy woman. :) I love the passion and intensity with which you are running this race. Never give up! We've got your back.

Ray - Whenever I think about you, I just feel this huge sense of pride (the good kind) in my heart. I know it was not easy, being remade and all, but I love the remade you! Teach. It's your gift.

Kaitlyn - Was there ever a more amazing, wonderful, sweet, talented teenage girl? God crafted something so unique and beautiful in you, and I love watching you bloom and unfold! I feel like I'm on the edge of my seat, waiting and wondering, "Who will she become!??!"

Jen - Your electrical circuits are constantly freaking out, but you go on being so humble and loving! How do you do it!?!? Seriously, your humility is one of the things I admire most about you. I need to learn that from you.

Brittany - You are one of those people who everyone adores. They can't even help it. You are hilarious and honest. You are absolutely beautiful, inside and out.... and I totally take credit for your marriage. God may have made the match, but I took the phone calls. You know what I'm sayin?. ;) JK

Beau - So proud of you for pursuing what God laid on your heart. I know He is using you mightily, and I'm glad to be your sister. Love you!

Lauren - I love that you are straightforward and hardworking.... my kind of girl. Thanks for taking care of my brother. :)

Christa - I know that your life is so hard right now, but I know that you are running to the One who's got it all in His hands. I admire your strength, and more than that, I admire your ability to be weak. It is not my strong suit.

Eva - Oh, how I miss you, my crafty sister of the heart. :) I love the faith journey that God has set before you and Jonathan, and I am really, really excited to watch this year unfold for you both. He is faithful, but I know you already know that. :)

Jenifer - I admire your sweet, sweet spirit. I know that you secretly think a lot of the things I don't edit myself from saying because your sarcastic streak is pretty similar to mine, but I am so envious of your mute button! :)

Katie (and Antoine) - I love you guys. I love what God is doing in your lives right now. It is one of the most exciting storylines that I'm currently following. :) What a miraculous year you are going to have in 2012!

Rebecca - I love you and want to tuck you in my pocket and steal you away. You are so, so smart, and sweet, and beautiful, and amazing, and wonderful... and you are a serious Gator fan! I think you are probably one of the best people I've ever known. I am praying MAJOR blessing over your life this year.

John and Elizabeth - I feel so blessed that we get to have you guys in our lives. You've bucked the system in so many ways, and I admire your faith, strength, and family-oriented ways. I appreciate that we share a very similar sense of humor, and I plan to use the chicken-egg effect on many friends in 2012, as I know you will. We pray for you daily and love you so much!

Kim K - I've got your back, girl. I am SOOO proud of what God has done and is doing in you and your family! I love your loud, funny, crazy self. :)

I know I've missed several people, but I have to put my daughter to sleep right now. Don't worry. You'll be here soon.


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  1. Thanks friend for the encouragement and for the blessing! We will take it and claim it!!! Big hugs!!