Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Great Park Adventure - Alejandro Garces Camp Tomahawk Park

This morning, we met up with friends at Alejandro Garces Camp Tomahawk Park! We did lots of nature exploration and had a great time! If you like geocaching, scavenger hunts, or just enjoying nature, you should DEFINITELY go visit Tomahawk Park!

It was clean, quiet, and loads of fun! :)

Aren't these climbing things the coolest?

He's having so much fun he can't stand it!


Plenty of dirt and grass for parking, running, and playing!

Pavilion with lots of tables for picnicking!

Bridge to the Unknown!


Hiding with friends! :)

Here is the park's website, and its amenities are listed below.

Bike racks1
Car Parking12
Drinking Fountain
Fishing Available
Multiuse Field1
Perimeter Site Fencing
Picnic shelters1
Picnic Tables10
Playground Equipment3
Security Lighting

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back to School - Week 20! (CARS WEEK!)

We are talkin' cars this week! I look forward to making a magnificent collection of rubber band cars with my little man. :)

We are still working on the same memory verse from last week. It's a long one! :)

HERE is the lesson plan.

UGH, and I just realized I left the math part out! We are using our little Hot Wheels collection as manipulatives to practice addition and subtraction. :)


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Great Park Adventure - Verona Park

Today, the Great Park Adventure took us out to San Jose Boulevard, to visit Verona Park! We met up with lots of friends and had a blast!

Verona is secluded, very shady, and surrounded by nature. The kids spent much more of their time exploring the nature than the park. It was really fun. :)

You know it's a fast slide when you snap a blurry picture!

Swings for the kiddos...

Pouty face because she was holding a grudge against a friend. Girls. *eyeroll*

A fun tube slide

The playground area is fenced in with several benches for your sitting pleasure. The ground is dirt, so if you are digging or mess-averse, it may not be the park for you. ;)

The kids, of course, discovered the one secret passageway in and out of the gate (i.e., broken gate).

And this is the other possible downside to this park. This back exit beckons children to roam out into the world, and to try their luck at the drop down to a small, what I will call a stream. ;) Our kids all found their way there.

AND LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!!!! They congregated together, hushing us and holding us back. I believe they were bird-watching.

They then took us on a hike around the stream to get to the other side, picking up sticks and things along the way. At this point, several of them huddled together, "to make a plan." We were gathering sticks to build a bridge across the stream, and I suppose they were divvying up responsibilities. ;)

Looks like a pretty serious plan, huh!?

Finally, the plan in action!

Aspen was last to relinquish her stick.

So, we had a blast at this park. Objectively speaking, I wouldn't say it's super amazing as a park, but I'm no kid trying to build a bridge across a stream. This was clearly a case of nature being far superior to man-made playground equipment. :)

HERE is the park's website, and its amenities are listed below.

Park Amenities

Playground Equipment4
Trash Barrels3

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back to School - Week 19! (AIRPLANE WEEK)

I feel like this is going to be our first "normal" week since the holidays. YAY! :) So, we are going to be learning about AIRPLANES this week.

I'm excited to get back to our normal routine, and this is one of those weeks when it is really great to be a homeschooler. Throwing paper airplanes is part of our lesson plan!

HERE is this week's lesson plan.

I hope to post some of our airplane crafts over at Luv Boopa later this week.

I hope this week has you flying high! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Great Park Adventure - Deerwood Childrens Rotary Park

Wow, I've never been to a more crowded park. Seriously. Almost all the parking spaces were full, and people were in and out the entire time. Wanna know why? This park virtually eliminates the option of getting dirty. ASTROTURF! Granted, there are some dirt patches around, but the vast majority of the park is serenely set in lush green fake grass. Since there were so many kids there, I didn't take a lot of wide shots. I figured that might weird people out. :) ("Hey, why is that mom taking pictures of our kids?")


I thought this climby thing was pretty cool.

And a rock, paper, scissors game! Only one problem. If three of you play and you each choose a different weapon, isn't it just like circular reasoning?.

There's a covered pavilion with ONE table for your eating pleasure. Beware, this place is POPULAR. We had to wait our turn, and share with another family. Weirdest thing? This park has NO trash cans. It's the kind of place where whatever you bring with you, you take home with you. The Deerwood Rotary Club has no interest in cleaning up your garbage. So, it was COMPLETELY litter-free. NO litter. NO graffitti. Also, bonus, the whole park is fenced in, so you can let your tiny babies crawl all over the astroturf with no worries.

There's a break in the ground, and you can see some of the rubber beneath it. :) A few more layers, and you'll get to the earth... then on to China!

This is pretty sweet. It's a wheelchair swing. How do I know? I heard some dad tell his kid. Only, it is only about 1 cm off the ground, so I'm not sure how that works.

This series of swing pictures is purely self-indulgent. Enjoy my daughter's array of faces.

(In the picture above, she was saying, "Almost there, almost there..." hahah)

More swings, restrooms, and water fountains.

There's a ball that stays at the park, apparently, for playing this game...

Funnel Ball. Aspen tried her best, but it was a bit too high.

So, all in all, it was a really fun park! It's relatively small, perfectly clean, and ridiculously popular. Go check it out!

(Cyndi - Is this what you were talking about?)

Also, random anecdote... while in the car, Ephraim said, "Mom, aren't we adorable children?" I said, "Yes, you are," while Aspen SCREAMED, "NO BUBBA!!!! I ADOOOOOORRRRABLE!!!!!!!!!!" Yes, yes you are...

Here's the park's website, and its amenities are listed below.

Park Amenities

Car Parking22
Drinking Fountain
Picnic shelters1
Picnic Tables2
Playground Equipment8
Trash Barrels3 (I take issue with this statistic, 'cause I didn't see a single one!)