Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Great Park Adventure - Adolph Wurn Park

Adolph Wurn Park was our destination for today! It is on the Southside, off Dean Road, and seems to be the location of a local Pop Warner football league.

As you can see, this park was founded in 1955, with the park and pool given by the Wurn family.

And in Florida, a pool is a GOOD thing!

These three pictures all show Ephraim trying to do some sort of trick and falling at the last second. :)

HUGE parking lot and plenty of extra parking on the street!

Basketball courts.

A little walking path around some water....


(Aspen said, "Hold you, Momma! Ducks, SCARY!!!" hahah TERRIFYING!)

I don't know what this thing is, but it is really leaking. There is water actively coming out of it. I'm sending a message to the parks people, but I am curious. Does anybody know what it is???


Two baby swings. Unfortunately, the big kid swings were nonexistent. You can see where they once hung, though. Too bad for me!

We spent most of our time today on this little 4-way seesaw. Fun!

The football field is really beautiful and well-maintained. It is locked, so you can't go in and vandalize it! Teenagers are foiled, once again! :)

Covered pavilion with bathrooms, and I imagine, a concession stand during Pop Warner season.

I decided I'd like to install one of these little numbers between my children and my desk. It will give me a bit more time to get things done. :)

I didn't spend much time sitting on the bench. It wasn't so comfortable.

I tried to take a picture of this piece of equipment. I'm not sure what it is. It's a bar that goes straight across, with nothing on it. It doesn't look like anything is missing either. Also, there are no ladders to climb up the sides. Any thoughts?

Bye bye!

Well, Adolph Wurn was a fun little park. Unfortunately, there was some litter throughout the park and some other obvious problems (leak, bench, swings, etc.). On the other hand, it is clear that this is a well-used park, so that sort of thing is going to happen in a park that is frequented by the locals. I'd like to go back on a Pop Warner day just to see how the place is hoppin!

Anyway, I'd say it's worth checking out!

Here is its website, and its amenities are listed below.

Park Amenities

Basketball Lighted1
Bike racks2
Car Parking86
Concession Stand1
Perimeter Site Fencing
Picnic Tables2
Playground Equipment6
Security Lighting
Swimming Pools1

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