Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back to School - Week 12! THANKSGIVING CONTINUES!

HERE is this week's lesson plan.

Apparently, I was off on last week's Bible lesson. Quincy is starting "The Good Samaritan" with Ephraim this week.

We are continuing with last week's memory verse. This one is kind of tough with lots of big words!

For crafts, we'll be doing a couple of pilgrim crafts and a super cute turkey gratitude jar. Check out the pictures below.

I am changing up the reading this week because I found a book that I find really exciting. I'm kind of a history nerd in some ways, so when I found "Pilgrim Voices:  Our First Year in the New World," I was very happy! It is a collection of passages from diaries and journals written by the pilgrims themselves, matched with a beautiful collection of paintings by Shelley Pritchett. I have pre-read most of the book already. A great deal of the language will be WAYYYY over my 4-year-old's head; however, I will still read very short excerpts to him, and then explain what was written to him in simple language. I love reading things that were written by the pilgrims. It's fascinating! Hopefully my enthusiasm will rub off on little man and he'll find it fascinating as well. I might also take him back to visit Ft. Caroline later in the week, and am hoping to get a St. Augustine trip on the books for next week! You better believe I'll be checking out Simply St. Augustine when making my plans. (Yes, that was advertising.)

Finally, I'm excited to have found this other book at the library, "Pilgrim Foods and Recipes" by Sarah Florence. I haven't looked at all the recipes in the book, but we'll be cooking up some concoctions real soon. ;)

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