Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Great Park Adventure - St. Nicholas Playground

We had SO much fun at this park today! I highly recommend a visit, especially in this GORGEOUS weather!

This is a tangent, but we drove behind the Weinermobile on our way! Yes, I took pictures while driving. :)

Anyway, St. Nicholas Playground was very clean, with minimal graffiti, and there were a few other people there, running the path that surrounds the park and playing on the swings. It is always encouraging when you see others making use of the park! :)

This park has plenty of playground equipment to maximize your fun factor, but be aware that it does sit in sand, rather than wood chips or rubber mulch. Aspen dumped out her shoes when we got back in the car. :) It was pretty shady when we were there, but I imagine that a few hours later, the sun would have been beating down on us! St. Nicholas Playground also has baseball fields, swings, and basketball courts.

Oopsy! This was broken. :(


Sun head!

Fossils! (and graffiti)

I appreciated this graffiti. It says, "Stop Saying Bad Words." HAHAHA! I love the irony of the graffiti artist advising the potty mouth. Kids...

Something's not quite right about that.

So, as we came up to this bit of equipment, we jumped right on.... and then we saw....


Oops. The caution tape is on the back and has mostly fallen off. Don't climb on this thing. Not safe. Incidentally, Aspen kept climbing on all the equipment saying "dangerous, dangerous" over and over. First, it is funny to hear a one-year-old saying "dangerous." Secondly, I guess I am warning her a lot, or she thinks dangerous = fun. :)

Aspen was a bit afraid of the swings today! Yikes!

As we drove away, we saw these shoes on the power lines. So, if you need some, go grab them!

As I said, we had a ton of fun at St. Nicholas Playground today. I'd highly recommend you check it out! Fun times!

Here is the park's website, and its amenities.

Park Amenities

Basketball Lighted1
Bike racks1
Car Parking20
Drinking Fountain
Perimeter Site Fencing
Playground Equipment6
Security Lighting
Softball Adult Lighted1
Softball Youth1
Trails Paved (Miles)0
No Images found.

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