Sunday, October 2, 2011

Back to School - Week 6! (and a little bit of soapboxing)

Here's the lesson plan for week 6!  (Also, make sure you enter to win the free scrapbooking software on my other blog!)

I thought I'd be a little more specific by adding what days we plan to do each of the crafts and activities. Also, I updated the Bible curriculum to reflect the updated curriculum on the Calvary Chapel website.

You'll notice that I do not have a craft or activity noted for Monday. Wanna know why!?!? Well, on Mondays, Ephraim and I head out to 2nd Mile Ministries After School Program, two: fifty two. Educationally, Biblically, relationally, this is good for us! We spend the afternoon with second through fourth graders, helping with homework, learning about Jesus, and loving on them! One of the things that God has really pressed on my heart, over and over again, is that if I want my children to be servants, I have to model servanthood for them. If I want them to give of their time, energy, or money, I have to show them how to do it. So, that is certainly part of what 2nd Mile is to us. Also, more simply, God has called us to care for those less fortunate. We are daily given the choice to either obey or disobey this command. There are many, many opportunities for serving others in our community and beyond. In my opinion, the lesson of serving is the most important one that I teach throughout the week. I want my son to know that our faith is real beyond Bible stories at home. I want him to understand that our faith calls us to action, outside our home. It compels us to take part in the world around us.

It hit me this week how blessed I am to be alive at "such a time as this." I was just thinking about the people in my life, and the people in the world who I don't even know, and how God sees those people. They are His creation! He loves them, just like He loves me. He wants them to know Him. He wants them to experience the joy and freedom He has for them. Sometimes, I fail to recognize the people around me in light of their value in my Father's eyes... but consider this. He knows me, and I know Him. He chose me for "such a time as this." He chose me to be alive at the same time as all these other people He adores. He expects me to care for them, love them, do the things He'd want me to do for them. I read on a blog once about a mom giving her  oldest child a handful of jelly beans. She then told the child to share with his sister. He did. He gave her ONE jelly bean. We all know that's not what mom meant for him to do. So, what is it that our Father means for us to do? I don't want to be selfish with my jelly beans... and I want my kids to know that people have far greater value than our jelly beans.

If I know you, I am honored that God chose me to be part of your life, because I know how much He adores you. He allowed me to know you, someone He loved so much that He gave up everything. I am humbled at the privilege. I hope you realize your value in His eyes... and I hope your recognition of His love for you makes your chest want to burst wide open and makes it impossible for you to sit on the sidelines, eating your jelly beans...

So as you make your lesson plans, I encourage you to consider what the use of the jelly beans of your time are teaching your little ones.

And he answered, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself."

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  1. LOVE this particular soapbox and you should stand on it more often :)