Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Great Park Adventure - Bruce Park

Today we visited another one of my childhood playgrounds. Fortunately, the thing that I remember most and enjoyed most is still there. Unfortunately, you can't really play in or on it... and the place was a dump. :( Oh well! Times change... and we had fun, regardless. :)

This park has plenty of well-used basketball courts...

And an ever-flowing water fountain... (OOPS!)

And a fun playground, with really no graffiti, so that was cool...

I love that I caught my daughter's funniest facial expressions today. :)


Swings! Two big kid swings, and one baby swing.

More basketball courts, baseball fields, and tennis courts

And THIS is what I remember as a child! The train! I remember just a gazillion kids being stuffed inside that thing, climbing and playing all around. 

Not so much anymore. There are bars to prevent entrance...

For good reason! Yikes!

It was fun (and slightly dangerous) to climb around on the outside though. :)

This is a covered pavilion where someone was enjoying a nap. HA!

Well, the kids and I have fun wherever we go, but this park was pretty trashed. Literally. Garbage was everywhere. So, I don't necessarily think you should go out of your way to visit, but no worries, there are TONS of other great parks out there!

Here is the park's website, and its amenities, as listed on the site.

Baseball Youth1
Basketball Lighted2
Bike racks2
Car Parking11
Concession Stand1
Perimeter Site Fencing
Picnic shelters2
Picnic Tables5
Playground Equipment2

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