Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

Have trouble with your kiddos at the grocery store? I have the answer! Engage them and make grocery shopping fun! I also count this as a weekly homeschooling lesson in nutrition. It also is an extra reading opportunity and lesson in colors, flavors, and on and on. It counts! :)

Anyway, I've made a bunch of different Word documents with clip art pictures of different food items. The possibilities are endless. I put twelve pictures on a page and print it on card stock and allow my big boy to hunt for the items while we shop. You could also laminate the games and use a dry erase marker in order to make them reusable. Unfortunately, Ephraim has to deal with little lady at the store, and she would just fight him for the marker the whole time.... so, for now, the games are disposable. (She gets one, too.) He can mark off items as he finds them, and the goal is to find them all before we check out. Fun! It reduces the "Can-I-Haves" by approximately 150 requests. ;)

Intentionally, I put all sorts of different kinds of food on the games, in order to be able to ask, "Is that a healthy choice?" and have discussions about nutritious choices. You could give a reward at the end of the game, but my method is more about the "challenge" of finding all the items before checkout.

Anyway, here are three of my games. I try to change them out really regularly to keep things fresh. Obviously, they are SUPER easy to make yourself. Hope this makes your grocery shopping a little easier!

Grocery Store Game 1

Grocery Store Game 2

Grocery Store Game 3

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