Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Great Park Adventure - Pickwick Park

What a fun day at Pickwick Park! This is a beautiful little park, but it is a bit difficult to find. We were meeting lots of friends, and I guess everyone got lost. haha! We all did eventually arrive there, and we were all late. So, take that as advanced warning.

Apparently, the park has multiple names, but I only found Pickwick Park listed on the City of Jacksonville website.

This park has super cool, giant climbing rocks!

And plenty of playground equipment, for big or little kids!

One of our little friends!


There are swings for big kids and swings for babies.

The park is completely fenced, which some of our friends also found to be great fun! ;) 

Not pictured, there are a few pavilion areas with covered picnic tables, where we ate lunch and little lady tried to bust her head open. She didn't quite do it, thank you Jesus!. :)

The park also opens into this large expanse of walking path/gym equipment. Great place for an outdoor workout!

Or to eat a carrot.

Or to have a race! GO!

Some kids made up their own rules.

Some other kids stuck it out to the finish.

Way to go, runners!

Anyway, Pickwick was really clean, secluded, had plenty of shade, and was lots of fun! 

Here is the park's website. Unfortunately, its amenities are not listed. Warning:  There are no bathrooms at Pickwick, so potty before you go!

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