Saturday, July 2, 2011

Monoprinting: Kids Craft!

Ephraim got to make his very own Fourth of July t-shirt today, using a technique called monoprinting. This is really simple and easy for kids, and you can make anything!

Monoprinting leaves a kind of mottled look on whatever you are painting (t-shirt, pillowcase, curtain, poster, wall, whatever!), so choose something that is fine with fuzzy edges. Fuzzy animals and creatures are perfect for it! I figured since the Fourth of July is right around the corner, a map of the USA would be perfect with fuzzy edges.

- An item to paint on (in this case, a t-shirt)
- Black marker
- Paint (acrylics are fine!)
- Paint brushes
- A piece of cardboard (if you are painting a shirt)
- A coloring page or printed image, reversed
- A sheet protector

Here's how it's done.

I gathered my materials and printed a blank coloring page map of the USA. I then traced the image on the reverse side of the paper. Some images don't need reversing, and you could also reverse the image on your computer before printing. Tracing was simplest for today. :)

Take a crazy picture of your child, pre-crafting.

Insert the cardboard inside the t-shirt to keep the paint from bleeding through to the back. 

Insert your image into a sheet protector.

Let your child paint the image on the sheet protector. They should be pretty liberal with paint, because you'll use this as sort of a stamp on your shirt.

Turn the image over, center it, and press it into the shirt.

Slowly lift it up, and voila! A cool new shirt that even a little kid could make!

Let your shirt dry, and then take a series of awesome photos modeling it. 



  1. that is TOO cute!! Easy fun technique! Thanks for sharing! Ephraim is adorable

  2. This is super cute and way easy for the bigger toddlers/preschoolers. Bookmarking it for a later time!