Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Great Park Adventure - Victory Park

This is going to be the first time I ever recommend NOT going to a park. Don't go to this park. There was something shady about it, and I don't mean the trees!

You see, there was this fella just watching us the whole time we were there. I didn't want to alarm my children, and I'm not a particularly fearful person, so I was ready to shank him if it came to it, but it was still very strange. He was on his cell phone most of the time and I overheard things like "Wait a few minutes. They are still here." That's always comforting. This park has a pavilion area with bathrooms and some other indoor area that was closed off for maintenance. I could see that one of the doors had been bent and that the wire mesh had been broken off one of the "windows." I don't know what is going on inside that building, but I'm guessing something is happening in there. This park adventure felt more like investigative reporting or detective work. Anyway, the guy just sat in one spot the whole time, talking on his phone... until.... the MOMENT we stepped on the other side of the back gate into the parking lot. I heard the loud door creaking open and what sounding like moving giant metal trash cans. I don't know what was happening. I didn't care. I just thought, "Okay kiddos, let's get in the van and get the heck outta dodge!"

Annnnyyway, my other major criticism is the whole "how to get into the park" problem. Victory Park is clearly visible from Ft. Caroline Road, with a open gate and a sign. However, there is nowhere to park on Ft. Caroline Road, and there are no instructions or signs advising an eager parkgoer the way to get to the park. Fortunately, I attended Ft. Caroline Middle School and could see the football field, so I figured I must have to go well past Victory Park, turn right on University Club, and then turn right onto an again unmarked road, which I followed to a parking lot behind Victory Park. I don't think that most people would have success finding the way to get into this park, but that may be for the best! ;)

The park itself was pretty clean, other than the building, which was clearly damaged. I didn't take pictures of it because, well, I didn't want to risk being shanked myself. When should one use a shank and when is a shiv preferred? Just curious. I digress. The park has a lot of features. The tennis courts and soccer fields looked really nice, and the playground equipment was in good repair... but something is GOING DOWN at the Victory Park.

So, here are the pictures, for what they're worth. Consider this to be your PSA for the day.

This was when Aspen fell attempting to cross the bridge. She actually did a flip before this. I guess this picture is evidence of my motherly awesomeness. Do I pick her up? No, I take a picture. (She was fine.)

These swings were old school! The seat with the CHAIN lap belt! What what!?!?

Ephraim decided to try one out. Still not a huge fan of the swings, as you can see. Again, evidence of my motherly awesomeness.

...But a few seconds later, and he liked it.

Not quite understanding the point of the balance beam.

The signs near the exercise equipment... kind of falling apart and/or faded to the point of invisibility.

The walking path in the wooded area. 

Soccer fields

Tennis courts

So, don't go to Victory Park. ;) 

Here is the website, and here are its amenities.

Bike racks1
Car Parking72
Drinking Fountain
Multiuse Field1
Perimeter Site Fencing
Picnic shelters1
Picnic Tables11
Playground Equipment7
Security Lighting


  1. That park has always been creepy, mostly because of the apartments that are right next to it. But, it is the location of me and John's first kiss, so it will always be somewhat special in my mind (but I won't be taking Annelize there any time soon, lol).