Monday, July 18, 2011

The Book Project, Continued (Books 81-90)

Wow! We are almost done with the Top 100 Children's Books of All Time!  Unbelievable. It's been really fun to read all of these amazing books with my kid. Enjoy our reviews!

My Review - This is an EXCELLENT book. Really, I love it. It is the story of a girl who wants to do something that others think she can't or shouldn't do. Guess what? SHE CAN! I love stories like this in general. I love stories that teach my children to go after their dreams, despite any discouragement they may face. I want to be the kind of mom who pushes her children to go for whatever they want, no matter how crazy, no matter how young. And with that little soapbox rant, I will say, READ IT!

Ephraim's Review - Awkward because it had my favorite show in it. Do you remember the pirate scene where Captain Hook was with Peter Pan? That was my favorite show, because it was the original one. The original Captain Hook. (hahahah)

My Review - Cute story of a little boy who "becomes a pirate." I loved the illustrations in this book. The little boy didn't particularly like that pirates do not tell bedtime stories or do other things that moms and dads do, so that leads him back home, which I thought was particularly sweet. It seems that pirating is more of a grown-up job. :)

Ephraim's Review - That was kind of silly because they buried the treasure in the backyard. Ooh, here's really good one. wer (He typed the preceding letters.) Now, let me add something with it. wrd (He also typed those.) Word. That's what I wanna say, Mom. Word.

My Review - This is a sweet, beautiful story about the uniqueness of every child. It is a sweet one to share to assure your child of their infinite worth. Just wish it was, "On the MORNING You Were Born," 'cause both of my babies were born in the morning. ;)

Ephraim's Review - Silly because it had a polar bear in it. Those white things are called polar bears. (His typing coming up.) sno. Snow. Now guess what Mom? This is gonna make you laugh and crack up. wetr (also his typing)

My Review - This book made me want to go "owling!" I loved that this was a child getting to have an adventure with her father. Her older siblings had already experienced this, but it was finally her turn to go owling with dad. They do indeed see an owl, which is cool, but the parent-child adventure and memory is even more special!

Ephraim's Review - That was really cool because it was very awkward 'cause it was silly, that it had an owl in it. qwy (Ephraim's typing, again.)

My Review - This was another book that I really LOVED. This is the PERFECT book to read if you have a child who constantly says that they can't draw, or gives up on art projects without even beginning. It may give them a fresh perspective and help them to know that art has many forms!

Ephraim's Review - Really cool because she was an artist! cvbh (You guessed it, he typed that too.)

My Review - This was a fun story, and we got to be a part of it! The book talks directly to the reader, which was really enjoyable! We got to be the "bear" and try to get the mouse to part with his strawberry. I definitely recommend it if you're looking for an interactive story.

Ephraim's Review - Really cool because it was so cool the bear just even took the strawberry. bar (bear).

My Review - This was a sweet story of a world of wumps, who live at peace with their world and with one another.... until..... Well, go find out for yourself! I thought it was cute, and I sure hope things eventually went back to normal for those wumps!

Ephraim's Review - Really, really silly because it had silly stuff on it like when the wumps go on. I don't even know what wumps are. They are so silly. iuytr (yep, that again)

My Review - This is a simple, sweet bedtime story. Different kinds of animals were telling their babies goodnight, and going through bedtime rituals. Good story for helping with bedtime!

Ephraim's Review - Night night! Really cool because all of the babies were going night-night.

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