Friday, June 17, 2011

Great Park Adventure - Ed Austin Regional Park

Okay folks, this is definitely one of the very best parks in our entire city. I wish there were replicas of this park on each side of town for people to enjoy! When I was younger, this park used to be The Dunes Golf Course. The city purchased this land and turned it into a HUGE public park! There are tons of amenities, and the park is always packed on the weekends. If you've never been to this park, you should definitely go. There's something for everyone. Quincy particularly loves it for the disc golf course! This park has an awesome playground, walking trail, basketball courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, field house, and even a skateboard ramp! It's great!

We were fortunate that it was not too terribly smoky today, and best of all, we got to see some friends! Thanks for the cupcakes, by the way! :) The park has always been really clean, and today was no different. Awesome, awesome, awesome park!

Anyway, check out the pictures of this amazing park! (Disclaimer:  My photos do NOT do this place justice. I don't have a super fancy camera, and I have lame photography skills, but don't let that deter you.) GO TO THIS PARK! :)

Here is the main playground area at Ed Austin Regional!

Swingsets! (There are three separate swingsets, one of them being a baby swingset.)

Aspen is pointing to something amazing, and modeling her TOTALLY homemade outfit. She's making homemade look GOOD!

Ephraim running across the bridge!

Aspen admiring big brother's skills!

This is a series of photos of Aspen desperately trying to escape the park because there was a dog outside!

This is when she gave up and climbed on the table.

UP THE STEPS, DOWN THE SLIDE. Don't you know the rule!?!?

Down the slide!

This gated park area has TONS of shade and plenty of places for grown-ups to sit!

Here is one of the friends who met us today!

This is a view of SOME of the soccer fields at this park. You see? It goes on FOREVER!

This is where the disc golf course begins.

Here's a little sign telling you all about the wonderful world of disc golfing! This park hosts some major tournaments and everything. It's a fun activity to try out!

This is a picture of one of the baskets at the end of a disc golf hole.... ultimately where you'd like your disc to end up. :)

The pictures from this point on were taken out the window of my van, driving around the park. It's that big! Above is the Senior Center, which looked pretty busy!

This is the park field house.

Here's a better view of the field house. "Filling playgrounds, not prisons." 

This sign is in front of the field house, as this is also a Police Athletic League park. 

Here are a couple of out-the-window shots of the skateboard ramp.

Pretty cool, huh?!?

Here's a blue trash can. Well, really I meant to be showing you SOME of the baseball fields. There's a concession stand in the center as well.

This is a second playground area near the baseball fields.

The entire park is encircled by a long, beautiful, walking/jogging/biking path.

This is another view of the vast expanse of this park.

More baseball fields!

More disc golf course.

More walking path, and my rear-view mirror. :)

Another disc goal thingy. I'm sure it has a name, but I don't know it. Quincy will tell me. He lives to FROLF. (Not really, but he does like to play disc golf, and this seemed like an appropriate moment for an Andy Bernard quote.)

Well, I hope I've convinced you to visit Ed Austin Regional Park! If you go, let me know what you thought!

Here is the park's website, and its amenities.

Baseball Adult 2
Baseball Youth 2
Basketball 4
Benches 35
Bike racks 4
Bleachers 21
Car Parking 925
Community Center 1 
Concession Stand 2
Drinking Fountain 4
Gymnasium 1 
Picnic shelters 3
Picnic Tables 23

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