Saturday, June 25, 2011

Craft Match!

Guess what? I've got somethin' new brewing. Are you surprised? If so, you don't know me at all. :)

Here's the story. I love crafts. I love making things. I definitely feel like creativity in itself is a gift from God, since He's the original creator, and I've been pondering offering my craftiness back to him, as a form of worship. Actually, this whole thought process started when I was thinking about baby tutus. I started thinking about how adorable, yet self-indulgent, baby tutus are. I mean, seriously, they are just silly. Now, don't get me wrong here. I make them. I love them. I dress my daughter up in them, and I'm doing all that I can to turn her into Fancy Nancy. (See below.)

I also don't think we should feel guilt about that, or about being creative.... but we should be able to honestly admit that baby tutus, in the scheme of things, are pretty silly.  

Anyway, I've opened an Etsy shop recently, and I've felt like God has laid it on my heart to use that as an outlet to give back to Him, through crafting. I love organizations like Craft Hope, which organize crafters to complete all sorts of missions, but sometimes the schedules or projects don't work for me. My Etsy shop, on the other hand, is totally under my control. So, I'm going to use my Etsy sales to craft match! In other words, if someone buys a baby tutu from me, I am going to send a baby tutu to Africa. Just kidding. They wouldn't care about that. I am going to match the baby tutu purchase to something USEFUL for someone in need. I was thinking maybe a tutu purchase would send one homemade cloth diaper overseas, or something like that. Etsy allows you to put 5 pictures up of all the items you sell, so I'm thinking I will have 4 pictures of the item being purchased, and the 5th picture will be of the matched item. Fortunately, through Tied Together, CrossEyed Design, Ascension, etc., we have connections with lots of organizations who help out the needy, so I know it will be no problem whatsoever to find an outlet for my matched items, and I'm excited to further the Kingdom and use my craftiness and our culture's (and my own) silliness for good. 

Anyway, this might be a totally insane idea, and I'm sure it will be a process of figuring out appropriate pricing and item matches, although I am genuinely happy to reinvest a portion of my profit in this project. I think it's going to be awesome!

Be on the lookout for my new CRAFT MATCH items in the Etsy shop! I will probably leave the currently listed items as they are and slowly work my way into this thing, but I am SUPER excited! If there's something you'd like me to craft for you, let me know! We can work together to benefit ourselves AND the world, for HIS glory! 

Much love!

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