Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beating the Smoke Monster & Fourth of July Crafts!

Well, we have been trapped indoors by unbearable smoke and late last night, Aspen added a fever to the mix! :/ The upside is, we have been making some crafts!

First thing's first. You gotta make a giant tent in which you can do your crafts. To my kids, that means hanging a sheet from the ceiling! ;)

We made this easy-peasy craft stick flag using markers, sequins, glue, and craft sticks!

Next up, we made some pipe cleaner sparklers! These will be the safest sparklers on the block!

Naturally, we needed some American pom-poms as well (yarn and pipe cleaners).

And we wrapped it all up with some "fireworks." We are SO ready for the Fourth! If you're stuck inside like us, I'd love to see your crafts! :)

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