Thursday, May 19, 2011

She's Thrifty!

(Hopefully you've seen "She's Crafty!" and have the theme song in your head right now.)

Well, Ephraim (and sometimes Quincy) have helped me out by photographing me every day so that you can see the extent of my love of thrift stores. I am not ashamed to say it, I love them! You get so much more bang for your buck! Even when we were both full-time workers getting paid the big bucks and had no children, I loved thrift stores!

So, first I want to explain my decided advantages in thrift store shopping....
Most importantly, I don't think of it as gross, dirty, or weird. If you can't overcome that, I totally understand, but you should not be a thrift store shopper.
Secondly, I am a size 8/10, which puts me right in the middle of the size range. There tend to be many more choices in the middle sizes than in the smaller or larger extremes.
Finally, I can sew. Tons of people get rid of things with a hem coming apart or a broken zipper. These are not big issues to me.

I also want to give you some tips about my favorite places. The Goodwill store at the beach is a goldmine for "new with tags" items, Salvation Army stores have 50% off Wednesdays, and if you are lucky, you'll pop into the Humane Society Thrift Store on the day of one of their "everything's $1.00" sales! It is worth just checking around to see what thrift stores in your area have things that you like. You never know what you'll find! Think of it this way.... it stands to reason that the nicer the area where the thrift store is located, the nicer the items therein. If it is convenient for the rich folk to drop off their stuff, they will... and YOU can benefit! I guess my last tip is not to shop for trends at thrift stores. If you must have a trend, you will likely need to buy new. Since I'm a cheapy, my favorite place to buy new is at Ross. You'll see what I mean.

My kids are almost solely clothed in hand-me-downs and from Once Upon a Child. Love that place for kids clothes, toys, and all sorts of other baby and child must-haves! If I get a kickback for writing this, I'll be a happy gal! ;)

Well, here we go!

I believe this was a park day. 
- Levi's shorts, which were purchased from Goodwill for $4 
- White tank top, which I did buy new a LONG time ago. Let's assume that was $10 or so. (I have white, cream, and black of the same one.)
-Blue/white Mossimo shirt from the Humane Society Thrift Store for $1


Ephraim started to realize the fun and power he had as my photographer, and began to "pose" me. This makes it all the more fun.
- Brown Old Navy tank top with a little sparkly detailing on the neck from the Salvation Army for $2
- This skirt is one of my favorite things. I saw it new in the mall for $42. I loved it. I would never, in a million years, pay $42 for a skirt though, especially since I can sew and I know it's just 2 triangles sewn together. Anyway, found it at Goodwill for $4. Score! This picture doesn't really do it justice. ;) 

Ephraim suggested this pose to help me remember it was library day. Nice. ;)
- Black Old Navy tank top, which I bought new at Old Navy on a $2 tank top sale day!
- Olive Bass pants for $1 at the Humane Society thrift store.... annnd I probably saved an animal's life. I'm just sayin'. 

 This is my favorite pose. haha!!!
- Brown t-shirt from Ross for $4.99
- Brown/teal skirt from the Salvation Army for $3

Aspen decided to join in the fun.

- Cream tank top, bought new, which we are estimating at $10.
- Red top from Salvation Army for $3
- Gap brand jeans from Community Hospice thrift store for $2.50. WHAT!?! Yes. That's right. Annnd I supported Community Hospice.
- Oh, I took this picture with the bag on my shoulder because it came from Goodwill for $3.  

Oh, I don't know, this pose might be better... We should vote.
- Black tank top from the Old Navy $2 sale.
- Black and white skirt, Wet Seal, from Goodwill for $4. I laughed when I saw this skirt at the Goodwill because I was with my friend Crystal when she bought it new at Wet Seal. She did wait for it to go on sale, but I'm pretty sure my $4 price tag still was quite a steal!

- I threw on the jean jacket to pretend to be more fashionable than I really am on a 90-million degree summer day. It was $4 at the Community Hospice thrift store.
- Khaki pants from Goodwill for $4.
- Blue shirt from Goodwill for $4.

Basically, every time you see me, I am wearing SOMETHING from a thrift store. If you need a basic item like jeans or a jacket, it's worth checking. You could save a bundle! ;) 

I hope I have entertained you and made you chuckle at my cheapness. To me, thrift stores are fun! :)

Want me to look for something for you? I'll do it!


  1. Girl, this is hilarious!!! Your comments cracked me up! And the pose you like is the pose all the celebrities do. The crossed over legs. HA HA!

    Love all the outfits!! I think you heard of me & Rebecca & Erika's thrift store adventure. We were so excited and then no one of us found anything. Actually I think Rebecca found a maternity dress and then never wore it! I definitely need to give it another go once I'm back to my "Eva" size. :-)

    Love this post!

  2. I don't know what your Eva size is, but today at the Goodwill on Ft. Caroline Road, there was a BEAUTIFUL sleeveless silk dress from White House Black Market in a size 4. It was SO pretty I almost bought it to just find an owner for it. ;) Similar to this, but not spaghetti straps, just sleeveless.

    Oh Lord, please let the future owner of that dress be someone I know who never before had thrift store success!

  3. LOVE all the outfits! What a great shopper you are!! Inspiring!!
    LOVE the photos! Ephraim is classic!