Monday, May 2, 2011

Great Park Adventure - Sunny Acres Park

Today we decided to visit a nearby park, Sunny Acres! This is a neat park that was originally built for handicapped children. It has a handicapped accessible pool, which I failed to photograph. (Boo!) Overall, it is a pretty nice park.

A lot of the equipment was a bit older at this park, and the swings, specifically, need some work. The park was clean though, and I don't remember any graffiti. We had fun!


There was a great deal of hesitation at the top of these GREAT BIG slides!

I should have gotten a close-up of the swings, but you may be able to see that the second baby swing is completely coming apart, and the first baby swing looks kinda risky as well. I did, however, let Aspen try it out. Does this make me a bad mother?

Grassy area and picnic tables.

Chin-up bars.

The main playground equipment.

Aspen's faces are HILARIOUS!

The softball field.

The shady bench which Ephraim discovered and deemed his "house."

Basketball courts are always fun!

Buildings for homeschool programs, classes, and camps.

Aspen enjoying the risky swing!

Ephraim finally made it down the very big slide!

Overall, Sunny Acres was a very nice park, and I admire all the programs that they've been able to create. They could use a trash can or two, a swing revamp, and watch out for the ants... Regardless, we had lots of fun! 

Here are the amenities and a little history of this park, from the park's website. "Sunny Acres is situated in the Mill Cove area of east Jacksonville, west of the Fort Caroline and Merrill Roads’ intersection. Created on County-owned land as a park for handicapped children, it was planned and funded by the Motion Picture Charity Club, a local organization composed of individuals that distributed and exhibited motion pictures. After the official opening in June 1964, the park was named by the children. Of special note have been summer camps for the handicapped, and the dedicated work of countless volunteers. Programs for disabled adults, which included recreational and life-skills instruction and some vocational training, were added later. As handicapped exclusive programs were phased out at the park in 1996, the City began an innovative recreation program for children who are being educated at home instead of attending a school. The popular home school program has spread from Sunny Acres to other City parks."

Baseball Youth1
Bike racks1
Car Parking54
Community Center
Drinking Fountain
Pedestrian Docks1
Perimeter Site Fencing
Picnic shelters1
Picnic Tables12
Playground Equipment5

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