Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Great Park Adventure - Leonard Abess Park

Yesterday, the Great Park Adventure took us to a great local park, Leonard Abess Park! This is an awesome park with tons of amenities. Lots of people were playing tennis while we were there. The park is also equipped with basketball courts, baseball fields, a football field, children's playground area, and bathrooms (bonus!). I was hugely disappointed with the litter, though. There was a ton of trash all over this park. For the record, my kids and I do clean up the parks while we're there, but some of this trash was a little too gross for us. :( Also, I think the city of Jacksonville could probably do without watering the wood chips and sidewalk, but I'm no expert.

Ephraim's favorite thing about Abess park was that there is a "secret bridge" that leads you through the woods from the playground to the football field. Enjoy our pictures!

This park only has tube slides, so if your kids are afraid of the enclosure, choose a different park!

Trash! (Maybe it's like horseshoes, where "almost" counts?)

Not even close.


Toot, Toot, Chugga, Chugga, Big Red Car!

View of the baseball fields

The tennis courts

The conveniently located (and CLEAN) restrooms

The secret bridge!

The grocery carts in the water underneath the secret bridge. Ha! :)

The football field, being watered

Any idea what this is?

A "rock wall" even Aspen can handle

The front area of the playground kind of looks like there used to be more equipment there, or maybe some new stuff is on the way?.

Basketball courts and parking lot

The watering of the sidewalk/wood chips. This stream was like a fast-flowing HOSE.


Anyway, we had a lot of fun at Abess park. There is a TON of shade, which is awesome since it's so hot outside now. Also, they have this cool "water feature," as noted above, so that helps. ;) I'd recommend checking it out!

Here is the Abess park website, and its amenities, as listed on the site.

Car Parking109
Drinking Fountain
Perimeter Site Fencing
Picnic shelters1
Picnic Tables9
Playground Equipment13
Security Lighting

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  1. Good memories of that park. An my particular favorite (though I wasn't there) but my boy was so phobic of bees that when his class went on a field trip to this park, he saw bees, he screamed and cried and got many upset and the entire group had to leave. He was 8. and it makes me laugh...what a sicko I am. Poor bee phobic boy.