Friday, May 20, 2011

Great Park Adventure - Blue Cypress Park & Golf Course

Today the kiddos and I took a trip down to good ole' Blue Cypress Park & Golf Course. This is a beautiful park with tons of amenities! We had loads of fun at the playground, which was clean and graffiti-free! We drove by this park the other day, and I pointed out that our friend Mrs. Cyndi lives nearby, and that Aunt Britney used to live right next door to her. Since then, Ephraim's been begging to go play at "the park where Aunt Britney grew up." So, we did! This park reminded me of teenage shenanigans for some reason.?. Who knows?. I was a teenager a really long time ago. It's a bit fuzzy. Anyhoo, check it out!

Tennis courts

Restrooms and covered tables near the playground

Fenced in playground area, with big kid and little kid stuff. I did think it was strange that the benches for parents were actually outside of the fenced area.? PS - NOT a shady park. Wear sunscreen! (You should probably wear sunscreen anyway.)

I went down the big slide with Aspen a few times, and I actually thought that either slides have gotten much taller, or I have gotten wimpier. My stomach was in my throat! ACK!

Basketball courts

Oh my word, dinosaurs roam the earth here!

I will officially have more pictures of my son going down a slide than any person, ever.

Soccer fields

Oops, that hoop has been dunked on a few too many times!

There is a pool and community center off in the distance.

Aspen carried our kite around.

I told Ephraim to make a silly face, and this is what he came up with. Silly=Angry.

Covered picnic tables

Since I'm a nerd, I found this little bit of history pretty interesting. 
This park is part of historic St. Isabel Plantation.

For more information and historic marker locations, visit Old Arlington!

A map of historic Arlington

If you have really great eyesight, you can read the whole story. 
Martha, the daughter of Anna Kingsley, lived on St. Isabel Plantation. 

If you accidentally left your camo jacket at Blue Cypress, don't worry. It's still there!

Part of the fenced area is broken. Oops! So, sorry, you can't just lock your kids up in there and walk away. ;)

They have one of this fitness walking trail things if  you want to go work on your fitness.

View of the golf course

Big, empty pool

Community Center

They even have a fishing pier.

Anyway, this is a pretty awesome park. You should go visit it!

Here is the Blue Cypress website, and its amenities.

9 Hole Golf1
Bike racks3
Car Parking194
Community Center
Concession Stand1
Drinking Fountain
Fishing Available
Pedestrian Docks1
Perimeter Site Fencing
Picnic Tables8

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