Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Great Park Adventure - Arlington Lions Club Park

Today we took the Great Park Adventure to the Arlington Lions Club Park! This is another one of those teenage shenanigan parks. It's so secluded, they are just asking for it! ;) They are doing quite a bit of construction out there, so I'm curious to see how it will ultimately end up. We limited our visit mostly to the playground area, but this park has a very popular boat ramp, picnic area, and nature trail right next to the river.

Anyway, back to the playground... If you happen to be planning a Florida Gators party, this is where you should have it. It's an orange and blue park, so your decor will match! The playground had lots of litter, so that was a bummer, and one of the slides was seriously damaged. You'll see. The other negative was the equipment itself was a little strange. There were really large gaps to climb up the equipment. I took pictures so you'll see what I mean. On the positive side, it is a very shady park and even though it was a hot day, we were all quite comfortable. It's secluded and quiet, and the kids had plenty of fun!

Playground area and covered pavilion

Umm, yes, that is part of a slide.

Ephraim was trying to show me how strong he was!

Super long slide!

Trash... mostly popped balloons

Smaller kid equipment


There is one bench inside the playground area, and it is almost on the ground. I just thought that was kind of funny. :)

This is where the slide part should go. It would be pretty dangerous to land on that piece of metal at the bottom. This is a long, fast slide. DANGER. DANGER.

(PS - Aspen's wearing a new dress/bloomer set that I made for her yesterday. TOO CUTE!)

The view from the playground toward the boat ramp


Cutie patootie!

BIG slide!

Random pole with nothing on it


She is such a daredevil! She climbs on these things everywhere. NOT safe! Also, one of the times that I grabbed her up from them, I hit my head on the handles and gave myself a pseudo-concussion. :)

This looks like trouble

The concussion-causing handlebar

Here are pictures of the large gaps. This is how you get into the slide.

These slides are pretty high off the platform as well.

Huge gaps, again. The pictures don't do it justice.

This picture should give you an idea of scale. These really are HUGE gaps.

See what I mean?!?

This is my postconcussive face. 

This is a tree that apparently fell on to the playground fence. Did anyone hear it? (Rimshot!)

We saw a huge boat go by, with a little tug behind.

This is the pathway to the dark side. Not really... just a picnic/walking trail area. I wasn't feeling that adventurous today. :)

So, the Arlington Lions Club park is worth a visit. I'll let you know as soon as construction is done how it changes. :)  Here is the website and its amenities.

Benches  15
Boat docks  2
Boat Ramps  2
Boat Trailer Parking  61
Car Parking  40
Fishing Available
Grills  7
Manatee Education
Pedestrian Docks  1
Perimeter Site Fencing
Picnic shelters  3
Picnic Tables  18
Playground Equipment  1

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