Monday, May 30, 2011

The Book Project, Continued (Books 61-70)

We've read more books on the Top 100 Children's Book List! This has been a really fun project for Ephraim and me. We've had tons of fun reading all the stories together. I hope you're enjoying our reviews!

My review - Ephraim and I read this book, and several other "How Do Dinosaurs?" books. They are all really sweet. In the books, the dinosaurs always end up being good examples to readers of how to do all sorts of things. They are sweet and funny, and they each have a good lesson. Check 'em out! 

Ephraim's review - That was awesome. Awesome! Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome.... (and on and on)

My review - When I was younger, I loved Madeline books. I still do! And this one is the original! Madeline has a stomachache and has to have her appendix removed, and the cadence of the story is just lovely to read.  Sweet story.

Ephraim's review - This was silly and cuckoo!

My review - We actually own a Robert McCloskey collection, which includes "Make Way for Ducklings." This is a fun story about a family of ducks looking for a place to have and raise their ducklings, and then those ducklings making their way into the city. It's cute and silly, and a great read.

Ephraim's review - The duck man stops and he stops, stops, stops, so they hop! (He's feeling silly and poetic right now.)

My review - OBVIOUSLY, this book is a classic! Who doesn't like the story of "The Cat in the Hat"!?!?!? If you haven't read it, you must!

Ephraim's review - The cat man in the hat has a silly hat. Silly bop!

My review - I thought this was such a sweet, sweet story. A little house was built in the country. Over the years, the world around the house begins to change. The house wonders what it would be like to live in the city. Voila! The city is built right around it. Eventually, a great grandchild of the original owner finds the house and moves it back to the country, where she lives out the remainder of her days in happiness, as she belongs.

Ephraim's review - That was crazy because he could see (the house), so it was so crazy!

My review - "The Napping House" was a cute, silly story! Everyone in the house is napping, piled one on top of the other, until a flea bites a mouse, and things go bonkers! You'll definitely want to read this silly story. :)

Ephraim's review - That was silly and it never happened today. HA HA!

My review - "The Paper Bag Princess" was ADORABLE! In this story, it is a princess who rescues a prince. She's dressed in a paper bag, due to a dragon's destruction of her kingdom. Her prince suggests she comes back after she's dressed like a "real princess." HILARIOUS! (In my opinion, that's not a prince worth having.)

Ephraim's review - This was silly because it never happened. So and so, and so and so...

My review - "The Snowy Day" is a cute story about a child's love of snow, which would be great if we didn't live in Florida. Snow is somewhat meaningless to my son, and a lot of the activities done in/with snow had to be explained to him. ;) Cute story nonetheless. 

Ephraim's review - It was a funny book of kids in the snow.

Obviously, we are still waiting on a few more books. Really enjoying this project, though! 

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