Monday, April 25, 2011

Great Park Adventure - Cesery Park

Well, this was a major disappointment. My grandparents used to take me to this park when I was little, but I have to say that this park was a DUMP today. I'm hoping I just hit it on a bad day and it isn't always like this. It did seem as though someone had a party there yesterday. There were popped balloons and trash all over the place, the trash can overfloweth! There was "chalk graffiti" with lots of choice words written everywhere. We didn't stay long at all. Bleck. There is no real parking area, so we just kind of pulled up into this dirt area on the side of the park, which was CRAWLING with gigantic ants. We then went into a makeshift side entrance (a broken gate) to "enjoy the park." Sorry Cesery Park! I think this is my worst review yet....

We drove by the other day, and Ephraim saw this spider web, so that is why this park was visited today.... however, after about 15 minutes at this park, Ephraim said, "It's messy here. Can we go home and ride bikes instead?" He did just get a new bike for his birthday, but seriously...

She's a walking party, though. This girl can have fun anywhere! I think she understood the trash to be free food or something, making the park experience that much more difficult. ;)

This thing was kind of neat, though. I haven't really seen this anywhere else. You try to walk on it and balance as it rolls.

Here's the park's website, and its amenities as listed on the site.

Perimeter Site Fencing
Picnic shelters1
Picnic Tables4
Playground Equipment3
Security Lighting
Trash Barrels3

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