Monday, April 4, 2011

Great Park Adventure - Buck Park

Today, we took a very, very short trip to Buck Park. This is one of the parks where I played as a child. It's much fancier these days, but it is a very nice, quiet park. I didn't see any graffiti, but I didn't have much time to look. About 20 minutes into our visit there, Ephraim started shouting, "I have to go potty! I have to go potty!" Upon realizing we'd have to leave the park to do so, he recanted... but I know better. There were three young guys there playing basketball, and I didn't get the impression that any of them would've had an extra pair of 4T shorts or underwear on them. ;)

It is a great park where many people can spend much longer than 20 minutes... but beware! there are no potties! :)

This last photo was taken for dramatic effect! I realized I didn't get a shot of the sign, so I snapped one while whizzing (no pun intended) by on our way home to the potty!

And here are the Buck Park amenities, according to the City of Jacksonville's website... and it's web page as well. 

42Car Parking
5Playground Equipment
1Softball Youth
5Trash Barrels
YesPerimeter Site Fencing
YesSecurity Lighting

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  1. Looks like a fun park!!!

    Can't believe the little lady is walking!