Monday, April 25, 2011

Great Park Adventure - 9A Baymeadows Regional Park

Last Monday, we visited the 9A/Baymeadows Regional Park. I honestly had no idea this park even existed, or that there are now roads where the park is located. ;) It was a BEAUTIFUL, HUGE park! There are tons of soccer fields, so it made me want to go see what it's like on a Saturday morning! It was extremely clean. There was no graffiti, and the kids play area was wayyyy in the back of the park, very secluded. We had a great time. Enjoy the photos!

This was the play equipment for smaller children. I really appreciated that their baby swings were set really HIGH! This is convenient for getting babies in and out. :)

This is the big-kid equipment!

Aspen had a ton of fun! She's really into climbing everything right now... and as of this park trip, going to the edge of things and taking a step, assuming I would be there to get her. So far, she's been right... the maniac! :)

A play solar system. Sorry Pluto. Apparently this was made after your demotion.

I took a picture of this because I wasn't sure what it was. Anybody know? Maybe it is something broken, so that would explain the reason it isn't so self-explanatory?.

A fun musical toy, although it is mounted upside down and backwards. Oops!

A car to drive...

A climbing wall...

The HIGH set baby swings....

The big-kid swings...

Monkey bars, one of those fancy zip line things, and covered pavilion....

This park seriously goes on for MILES.

MILES, I tell you.

A fun balance beam, which Ephraim scooted slowly down sideways.

And classic Tic Tac Toe.

Overall, this was a great park! Go check it out!

Here is its website, and its amenities as listed on the site. (PS - Looks like the city of Jacksonville got a website revamping! Why didn't they call CrossEyed Design!?!?)

Bike racks3
Car Parking130
Concession Stand1
Drinking Fountain
Picnic shelters5
Picnic Tables22
Playground Equipment1
Trails Paved (Miles)0

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