Monday, April 25, 2011

The Book Project, Continued (Books 51-60)

We are still missing a couple of books from this group, but here are our reviews of what we've read so far!

My review - "The Eleventh Hour Curious Mystery" was a REALLY COOL book! I (me, the mom) spent HOURS with it! The story was cute, but there are hidden clues on every page to help you solve the mystery. It is really neat, interesting, and beautifully illustrated! This book would be great for a clue-hunting 10-year-old or so! FUN!

Ephraim's review - "Good because it had some good stuff in it like when the _____ did it and they told all the persons that they did it, and it was kind of funny." (He gave away the mystery, so I left it blank.) ;)

My review - This was a fun, imaginative story about all the things that happen in the night, "In the Night Kitchen." It was cute, but some of the artwork reminded me how times have changed! hahah ;) If you read it, you'll know what I mean.

Ephraim's review - "The funniest book was this one because the man jumped up and his clothes were off, and all his clothes, and he was naked and got in some chocolate and he flyeded (yes, flyeded) and it was kind of funny." (This makes it sound risqué, but it wasn't. hahah)

My review - This book is definitely for kids who are potty training. We aren't in this category any longer, but it's a cute story nonetheless. Everyone should get to read as many peeing and pooping books as possible. There is only a short window of your life when this is appropriate. ;)

Ephraim's review - "That one was kind of funny because it was just kind of funny."

My review - This book was about all the dreams that a mother has for her child. It was very sweet and tugged at the heart strings. If you need a good cry, go for it! (Although it's not as intense as "I'll Love You Forever.")

Ephraim's review - "Good because it was good."

My review - "The Rainbow Fish" is a great story about pride and sacrifice. It is beautifully illustrated and eye catching. It was fun to read!

Ephraim's review - "That one was very cool because rainbow fish had all kind of colors on the dots!"

My review - This is another one of those stories that tugs the heart strings. No matter where the runaway bunny goes, his mother will go after him... like any good mother would do. :)

Ephraim's review - "That could be funny because it didn't be funny, because he goes everywhere and the mommy bunny said 'I think I'll go everywhere you go.'"

My review - Shocking exposé about the truth behind the story of the 3 little pigs! Question everything you think you know! Never believe the media hype! ;) Funny story. Check it out!

Ephraim's review - "That was kind of fun because he had glasses on!" (and then he sang a little ditty)

My review - "Tikki Tikki Tembo" was a FAVORITE book of mine growing up! I was so excited to read it to Ephraim. Mostly, it's just fun to say the kid's ridiculously long name in a sing-songy manner. Go for it!

Ephraim's review - "That was kind of funny because it was funny. It was a funny name because it was a long name."

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