Sunday, January 23, 2011

Felt Food!

While everyone spent the day at home fighting off extra boogies, I decided to do a project that's been on the back burner for awhile... felt food!

During one of Joann's Simplicity $0.99 pattern sales, I picked up pattern 2445. Today, I completed several parts of it.

I will readily admit that most of this can easily be done without a pattern; however, for $0.99 and someone else doing all the thinking in advance, it was worthwhile to me! ;) I may add a few of my own ideas once this pattern is complete, though.

Ephraim helped to stuff the fruits and veggies, while I did the machine and hand sewing. Quincy joined in to help Ephraim with the stuffing as well. Fun, easy family project!

Here are the things we made today!

First, we have a reusable grocery bag. I ran out of green, so I made mine green and blue!

Yellow squash!

A pumpkin! Ephraim LOVES pumpkins!

An apple a day!


Orange you glad I made this?? (I'm a cheeseball.)

A tomato... this one's my favorite!

A beautiful, gigantic eggplant!

One egg... there are more to be made... but... well... I had to stop somewhere. There is also an egg carton. CUTE!

An orange slice. Delish!

The carrot!

Woody (it's really Ephraim... it's just a costume...) and his groceries!

The collection... for now.

Yet to be made are five more eggs, an egg carton, strawberries, cupcakes, and a birthday cake. I'm excited to get it all done! :)

And here's the other, very random thing that I accomplished today....

Aspen received these super-cute Gator shoes for her birthday (thanks Mom!), but they had felt soles. She attempted walking in the kitchen and ended up doing all sorts of acrobatics! So, here's a tip. If you have baby shoes that need some grip, you can add some puff paint, or in my case, fabric glue, to the soles. Once this dries, she'll have some simple, clear grip! You could also be creative and make fun designs or patterns. These shoes are mostly white though, so I wanted to keep it clean and simple. :)

Happy Crafting!