Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Book Project, Continued (Books 21-30)

I know you've just been on the edge of your seats waiting for our next book review, so here it is! From this grouping, we are still waiting on "Good Night, Gorilla" and "Fancy Nancy." I hope that we greatly influence your reading choices! ;) 

My review - This was a sweet story of blueberry picking and motherhood. Sal and baby bear both wander off from their mothers, and without giving away the whole story, I'll say that all ends well. No scary bear story! :) It was really cute and a sweet story. I have a huge Robert McCloskey collection storybook that does not include this title, but I'm glad we've read it. He's a talented author.

Ephraim's review - "It's pretty cool. It's pretty not nice because if the bear had stole their mother's blueberries. That's why."

My review - Cute book, but silly and probably more appropriate for a little younger child. Ephraim enjoyed hearing me make the silly noises, but at the end he was asking "What was that story?" hahah :)

Ephraim's review - "This book is pretty crazy because when the letters get up, they will fall down, and the M is like a square."

My review - CLASSIC. Love Corduroy! Britney Warner, if you read this, I remember this was one of your favorite books as a child. Now I remember why! This is a great, sweet story... kind of a precursor to Toy Story. Read it!

Ephraim's review - "It's funny when he picks his button off that air mattress. It goes right in the air." (It's not an air mattress, but that's where we have our Sunday night campout!)

My review - Ephraim has been potty trained for a long, long time now, so I think he's a bit outside of the target market for this tale. He LOOOOVEED hearing me talk about POOP though... so I guess he's probably still in the target market! ;) He does not, however, believe that whales poop. He shall not be swayed.

Ephraim's review - "It's not good. Apples don't poop. Do apples poop, Mom?" No. "Why? Why do apples don't poop? Apples are just for eating! Oh! When people eat, they poop."

My review - This book has no words, but it has beautiful pictures which tell a story that was a bit over my son's head. I tried explaining as best as I could, but I'll have to come back to this one later. Beautiful book, though!

Ephraim's review - "Not good because it was pretty not good."

My review - "Go, Dog, Go!" has been a favorite in our house for years! This was the first book Ephraim wanted to read OVER and OVER. It's memorized, so I can vouch for the fact that my son loves it, although it is on the lengthy side (as most Dr. Seuss books are) and very, very repetitive. :) Still an excellent, fun book!

Ephraim's review - "Just pretty good because it's a fun book." What's your favorite part of the book? "The whole entire thing."

My review - Of course, this is a great book! DUH! :) Basically all Dr. Seuss books are fun to read, tongue-twisting genius!

Ephraim's review - Laughing... "That was funny when he eat green eggs and ham. He tried it and said, 'Oh yummy! I will eat it on a boat. I will eat it on a train. I will eat it in a helicopter.' That was so good. I don't like green eggs and ham. You are a funny guy!"

My review - Well, my son was a bit sensitive to the fact that the baby bat was dropped and lost by her mother. That happens in the very beginning, but he was caught up and disturbed by that, and that was what he remembered. So, maybe this would be better revisited at an older age? Or maybe I'll shelve it right next to "Love You Forever" and bring it out when I want to induce guilt for bad behavior?. ;) Just kiddin'. 

Ephraim's review - "This one was very sad because when the bat drops the baby, that's why it's sad."

My review - This had several short stories aimed at teaching children to see the world in a different light. Buddhism was clearly the backdrop and inspiration for the short stories, and even though we are Christians, I do agree with the basic principles that were shared in this book. So, don't freak out just because it says "Zen" on the front! ;) 

Ephraim's review - "Zen Shorts was pretty not good 'cause that's it. Bye bye!"


  1. Aww, I can't believe you remembered my love for Corduroy! Lincoln has already heard that one a few times, although he hasn't sit still for the whole thing yet. His language skills have developed dramatically over the past couple of weeks though, so I think I'll try it again soon. :)

  2. Ephraim is hilarious!

    I've never read Corduroy. I'll have to check that one out now that we do library days. :-)

    And I'm so with Ephraim about the bat book, well not that specifically but I don't understand why so many Disney movies are SO sad! I was so mad watching Nemo the first time. I couldn't get over the mom dying. And man, that scene in Lion King. BOO HOO!!!

    Anyways, thanks for the book reviews! I like 'em.

  3. I had the book everyone poops. Haha! I am a big fan of these book reviews, lots of fun to hear your review and Ephraim's. By the way the classroom I did some intern hours my last semester was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom themed... I was worn out of that book after I was done. But the kids loved it!