Friday, December 17, 2010

Superhero Crafting!

Spoiler Alert! Joy Turner, if you don't want to see Benjamin's gift in advance, stop reading now!

Our buddy Ben is having his 5th birthday party tomorrow, so we decided to whip him up a superhero costume. He loves Mario, so I downloaded a Mario embroidery design and went to work! (I'll share a tutorial on this next week some time. It was a huge hit with Ephraim, and he is begging for his own costume for Christmas.)

The reversible mask... one side is red fleece, the other is shiny silver lamé (which is pretty annoying to work with, by the way.) This really should have been the simplest part of the project, but it was one of the last things I did, which inevitably means I had 15 different problems with it. :) It's done though! PHEW!

Superhero arm bands! These are just simple wraps for the wrist, which attach with Velcro. No biggie, but awesome for the superhero in your life!

The unfolded arm band, which can be worn pointed in either direction.

The superhero belt. I made a pretty big mistake on this. UGH. I put the big "B" of the belt on the WRONG END of the belt, so there is a bunch of exposed Velcro now. I hope Benjamin will forgive me and not judge me too harshly for this. This was literally the last thing I made, and naturally, was NOT but should have been "quick and simple." hahah!

A close up of the big B. This is not appliqué. I just set my machine to a really tight zigzag stitch, and it worked REALLY well. I haven't used the appliqué feature on my machine yet, but hopefully I will sometime soon. 

The coup de grâce! SUPER BEN'S CAPE!

The full cape, which attaches around the neck with Velcro.

A close-up of the embroidery, and again, the super tight zigzag stitch. So cool!

Ephraim was MORE than willing to act as my model and give Ben's gift a quick test drive!

Look at those moves!

Happy Birthday, Super Ben! We hope your day is fantastic!


  1. This is SUPER awesome (no pun intended). Awesome! Can't wait till Hosea is old enough to be a superhero!

  2. VERY impressive! Looks like your new sewing machine is working out well for you. :o)

  3. WOW!!!!! Fabulous job! I am sure Ben LOVED it!!!