Monday, December 6, 2010

Snowman Craft for Kids

Ephraim and I made a little snowman craft today. It's quick, easy, and we just used things we had around the house. He needed a little help with the glue gun, but really you could use fabric glue or something else if you prefer. Here's how you do it.

First, get a white sock. Fill it with polyester fiberfill, or cotton balls, or beans, or rice, or whatever other things I'm not thinking of right now!

(Ephraim's really into angry picture faces right now. We're working on that.)

(This was his "beard." haha! He thought it was pretty funny!)

After you have sufficiently filled the sock, add two rubber bands to create his snowman shape. The bottom will still be open at this point. 

Next, I took some embroidery floss and a large needle and threaded the floss through the hem at the top of the sock. You pull it tight and tie away! We left a long loop of string to hang the snowman up.

We then glued on buttons and a large gemstone. These items were all Ephraim's decisions. We tied a bit of ribbon around the snowman's neck, and cut 2 triangles of felt, which we glued together atop the snowman's head. 

I glued a little ribbon embellishment to the hat, and voila! A cute, cheap, easy, fun, kid-friendly Christmas decoration!

I hope you all make great big snow families very soon! :)

Incidentally, Ephraim fully expects there to be snow on Christmas morning. This will be one of his first Christmas disappointments, I fear. I suppose it will be a teaching moment, not to believe all the "hype" about Christmas! hahah He is MOST excited to make Jesus' birthday cake! I fully intend to let him go crazy with my Wilton stuff.

Also, I do occasionally allow Ephraim a bit of crafting freedom. The other day, he was working on decorating some ornaments in the kitchen while I was paying bills. He asked me if he could put some glitter glue on his toenails. I said, "Sure!" I entered the kitchen and found this...

I really thought it was hilarious. He loved that I gave his feet a "bath" in the bathroom sink. Crazy kid!


  1. LOVE the glitter feet/legs/arms/face! Adorable and fun!!!

  2. Really cute idea and HILARIOUS about this glitter feet!!!

  3. Ha, the feet pic is hilarious!! I think I may have to make a snowman with Noah! Looks like fun!