Thursday, December 23, 2010

Grandma's Christmas Oven Mitt

Here are my 2010 Grandma gifts (SPOILER ALERT, MOM!)!

I will forewarn you that I neglected to take a few pictures because I was hurrying, but hopefully my explanation will suffice!

First, trace (or estimate, in the case of an unwilling baby) the hands of your little ones. I just traced them on to a file folder, because I had one available. I think it's easier to use card stock or something a little heavier, just because little fingers are hard to work with using tissue paper.

Normalize the baby's guesstimated hand, and then cut them out!

Find a dirty oven mitt. Wash off the yuckiest part. Photograph it while still wet and mostly dirty, and post it on your blog. HA! Really, you just want to find one to trace about an inch larger than its size in order to allow for  the seam allowances plus batting.

Pin to the fabric, and cut it out x4. The 4 pieces will be the front, back, and 2 inside lining pieces.

Pin the hands to the fabric, and cut them out as well. I actually ended up pinning each individual finger because that was easier.

If you are out of Wunder Under, just use some fabric glue to attach the hands to the oven mitts! ;)

Let them dry for a little while if you used glue. 

Do a tight zigzag stitch around the hand.

I then added some embroidery to my oven mitt, each of the children's names and year. 
Next, prepare your layers. I used the outside fabric, a layer of fleece, a layer of batting, and the inside fabric. 

Pin all over, and quilt through all the layers.

Repeat for the opposite side of the glove.

Pin the edges of both sides of the glove together.

Sew a straight stitch around the edges, leaving the bottom inch open on one side.

Sew an overcast or zigzag stitch around the edge, after you've trimmed it. You really have to trim in tight to the crotch between the thumb and fingers of the glove. I know you just laughed at the word "crotch." 

Here is where I omitted some pictures. 

Prepare or use prepared double-fold bias tape. Attach it to the bottom of the glove (which is so much easier since you've left the 1 inch open. Leave a length of about 3 inches of extra bias tape on one side. After you have sewn it in the inside, flip it around to the outside and sew a topstitch, which extends all the way down your extra length of bias tape. Now, turn your glove inside out again, and sew the 1 inch opening closed, with the extra bias tape folded into a loop INSIDE the glove, ending back within the seam allowance of the glove. Turn it right side out, and you are done!

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