Thursday, December 23, 2010

Grandma's Christmas Apron

I have been SEW busy. No time for blogging, only time for sewing! Anyway, I did want to share last year's Grandma gift with you. It is a keepsake Christmas apron. I confess, when I make these Grandma gifts, I always make one for myself as well... because I love the keepsakes. Maybe this is why I'm not a scrapbooker? I'm a stuff-maker, instead.

This apron was actually made with a clearance tablecloth I found at Walmart, so it's vinyl and wipes off easily. It is just the basic apron shape, sewn right sides together and turned right side out. Then, a 120 inch length of double fold bias tape becomes the neckline and ties! Voila! So the apron itself was simple....

This required a bit more work. I traced Ephraim's hands and feet on to card stock and then on to brown fabric. Using Wunder Under, I ironed the shapes in the form of a reindeer head, on to some red fabric. I used fusible fleece behind the red fabric, just to give it more strength. I then tediously added a blanket stitch, by hand, around the edges of the reindeer's head, antlers, and nose. I also added "Merry Christmas!" and "Ephraim 2009." Finally, I sewed on two buttons for his eyes, and he was done! The back has red fabric on it, to contain all the back of my embroidery work, and then it was sewn on the apron in a pocket. Super simple, cute, and memorable.

You could add that reindeer head to anything though, or make an ornament from it, or whatever you can imagine! It's a cute craft.

So, that was last year's grandma gift. I have measurements and all these things to share with you but I am just too darn busy. Maybe for Christmas in July!?!? ;)

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