Friday, December 17, 2010

Gator Gift, Revealed!

Spoiler Alert (again)! Brittany, if you want to be surprised tomorrow, look no further!

I am in LOVE with this little outfit. I considered changing Aspen's name just so she could keep it. :)

This little dress was made with the Snappy Toddler Top pattern from Prudent Baby. I lengthened it into a dress and added a large trim at the bottom. I also changed the snaps to fabric-covered buttons. There was a snap fiasco! I am happy with the result, though. I think the buttons are MUCH cuter!

Of course, Evey needed some lacy bloomers for her little bum!

Love you, Bryants! Keep on raisin' 'em right!


  1. Your snappy shirt/dress turned out way better than mine. I gave up on that pattern. ;-) Very cute!

  2. Super cute!! I adore the bloomers! I need to learn how to make those-they are pretty pricey to buy for every size.

  3. I love it TJ!!! Now I can't wait for Evey to come and wear it!