Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ephraim's Book Review

The verdict is in on the first round of books... and the winner is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar!"

Ephraim absolutely LOVED this book and had me read it to him about a million times in the past week. He actually memorized it and read it to me. He says that the best part is when he turns in to the "big, fat caterpillar!" He also liked "when he was in the cocoon," and "when he was eating," and "all the food when he was a hungry caterpillar and then he wasn't hungry anymore and then he wasn't a little caterpillar." (I think that pretty much covers the whole book!)

I'd say we're going to have to add this book to our collection.

He said that "Love You Forever" was his second favorite book of the group, which surprised me since he got so upset when we read it. I suspect he feels that way because it was the huge version of the book. ;) To a three-year-old, a giant book is automatically cool.

As far as he was concerned, none of the rest of the books were particularly memorable or interesting. I think that a few of them may have had themes that were slightly too mature for him, so we'll revisit them in a year or two!

I've got our next ten books on hold at the library now. We went today but had to rush in and out because Ephraim fell in the parking lot. He scraped his hand and knee, with the maximum width of each scrape being approximately 1 cm. You would have thought his hand was amputated. Poor thing, he cried his head off! We came home and had to cuddle him up on the couch because he explained that "nothing would make it better" and that his "boo-boo was getting bigger" and he "could no longer use his hand!" He laid there for a good hour and a half before we coaxed him off the couch with a Wii game. Even now, he is holding his right hand as though it is completely incapacitated. I sure hope he's able to keep his hand! ;) Poor fella. Sometimes boo-boos are just awful! This tumble has absolutely ruined his life.

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  1. Oh Hosea and I LOVE that book!! One of his favs too. I make a big deal over the end when he turns into a beautiful butterfly! ;-)

    And Hi.Lar.I.Ous about Ephraim. I mean not funny that he hurt himself but funny about his dramatic reaction. And soooo funny about the size of his scrape and your tone telling us. Funny!