Monday, December 20, 2010

Early Elves!

You're NOT going to believe it!

Some of the Christmas/Birthday Elves in my life gave some early gifts....

WHAT!?!? I was as shocked as you are! Dear Elf from whom this present came, THANK YOU!

Ephraim and I are putting it to good use today!

We're making some sugar cookie dough to make... you guessed it! Star Wars cookies! Ok, so maybe you were thinking Christmas cookies, but you were only half right. ;)

Another elf who knows me so well gave me this awesome Star Wars cookie press set! Ephraim is particularly excited to make the storm trooper, because he has a costume. Also, Aspen is now the proud owner of a Princess Leia costume, and Ephraim of a "Star Wars ABC" book, courtesy of one of the aforementioned elves! Needless to say, we are watching Star Wars today as we work on cookies and crafts!

Ephraim placed the star atop his head. He is the blondest little Christmas tree I've ever seen.

And yet ANOTHER Christmas elf who knows me so well gave me this ginormous double crock pot! I seriously use my crock pot almost every single day, and I'm super excited to now have two pots in one!

Thank you Elves! Love you all so much! It's not even Christmas or my birthday yet, and I'm already feeling pretty seriously spoiled!

On another note, Bertha (the sewing machine) is going to blow a gasket this week! Lots of crafts in store! Merry Christmas, folks!


  1. Wow! What great gifts. I had the Kitchen Aid mixer, but will now be happy to make another choice.

  2. Wow, thanks Mom! I totally wasn't expecting such an extravagant gift from anyone, much less TWO someones! You already are doing way more thank I ever could've asked or imagined. Thank you! Love you!

  3. way more *than* I ever could've asked

  4. awesome!!!! That is so exciting!

  5. What fun!!! You are so blessed! :)

  6. Woo hoo!! Awesome! I still need some of those crock pot recipes. ;-)