Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Tree Finger Painting

Today, Ephraim and I did a fun little Christmas craft. We made a fingerprint Christmas tree. This is kind of a combination of a couple of different ideas (fingerprint snowmen and handprint trees). It was very easy, fun, and turned out really cute!

We started out with a bit of green paint, and a bit of brown. I penciled a large triangle for the body of the tree, and a small rectangle, for its trunk. These were Ephraim's guidelines for fingerprinting. 

Print, print, print!

He did a bit of smearing on the left there, explaining that it worked faster. He's right. ;)

Once the paint dried, I helped him draw a star on a piece of yellow construction paper. We cut it out and glued it atop the tree.

We then added a zillion dots of glue...


He ended up glittering the whole star because he liked that better. :)

He then signed his artwork and added the year. I wrote it on the paper to the right for him to copy. After he wrote it, he said, "There's my address!" Funny kid. :)

Once it's totally dry, it will replace the framed fingerprint fall tree!

Merry Christmas from the artist himself! I have a couple of other keepsake Christmas crafts that I am working on with him. They'll be grandma gifts. I'll also show you last year's grandma gifts!

Hope your Christmas crafting is merry and bright!

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