Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Book Project, Continued (Books 11-20)

First, I'd like you all to know that we haven't been to the park because it's been too flipping cold!!! We'll get back in the game soon. I'd like to give the parks a fair shake and not feel like we are rushing in and out because it's freezing!

This is our second grouping of books that we have read so far. I've included my opinion, and Ephraim's review of each. Enjoy!

My review - This book is BEAUTIFUL. I want to tear out every single page and frame it. I love the big words and the alliteration. I thought it was great! Seriously. 

Ephraim's review - When asked, "What did you think of this book?," he replied, "Nope. This book was too scary and big."

My review - Beautiful artwork, again. Love that Eric Carle! It was silly and very memorable, but I don't think Ephraim liked it nearly as much as "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."

Ephraim's review - "This book was funny. That's it. Nope, that's not it. I want to do another book."

My review - FUN book! I really liked reading this one to Ephraim. It's interactive, so we both had a lot of fun with it. The pigeon tries to get you, the reader, to allow him to drive the bus the whole time. It's pretty funny. It's a great book if you are willing to do voices and be dramatic with your child, which I AM. :)

Ephraim's review - "This book is funny when it says "Did you let the pigeon drive the bus?" and I say YES! This one is my favorite one."

My review - This book was really cute and imaginative. We enjoyed following Harold's adventure with his purple crayon!

Ephraim's review - "This book drives me crazy because it's funny. That's silly. That's it."

My review - I actually thought this book was a little too young for Ephraim. It was cute, but it was a board book with animal sounds, so we didn't spend a lot of time with it.

Ephraim's review - "This book is the craziest nutcracker. That's it." (He's just starting to come up with funny things to say. These reviews really aren't related to the books at this point. Just so ya know.)

My review - I'm torn about this book. I like that the goal was to help children see that everyone is told "no" sometimes. I'm not sure about showing my kid a bunch of "bad" ideas he hasn't come up with yet. hahaha! The end is sweet, when the mom says "yes" to David and holds him close.

Ephraim's review - "This book was driving me crazy because it's funny, funny, funny."

My review - First, I have no qualms about reading a "girl book" to my son. I don't even consider it to be a "girl book" really. With that out of the way, I didn't love that this girl went crazy eating pink cupcakes, turned herself pink, and snuck even more after the doctor and parents told her to stop. She did redeem herself by eating green veggies, but I don't know.... Perhaps I read too much into the "lessons" books teach my kid.

Ephraim's review - "This one was not fun. This one was crazy. I liked this book because it was crazy. My favorite part was when Pinkalicious stopped and had to eat no candy, or no cupcakes, or no stuff, and then when they put green stuff in her mouth, that was funny."

My review - I love Dr. Seuss, except that I think our perceptions of the language is a bit different these days. There's a "shut up" or two in the book, and I'm not a huge fan of that; however, the lesson to take care of our resources and not selfishly use them up for personal gain is a great one! The artwork is great, and the classic Seussical-style words are awesome!

Ephraim's review - "The Lorax book was 'dramix,' which means it's not, not crazy. That's it. My favorite part was when they cut down all the trees because that was funny crazy. It was sad too, and it was funny. When the cut the trees, they throwed them and put them in the machine. No way, you don't do that!" 

We are still waiting on "Peek-A-Who?" and "The Going to Bed Book" from this group.

This has been a pretty fun project!


  1. I love these reviews. I'll definitely have to look into #1. Hosea would probably love that. He loves animals and Lions!!

    As for the David books, we have two of them and I don't really like them. I agree that they kind of tell them what NOT to do, even though the ending is okay. But this is dorky, but I think he is SO UGLY looking - it really bothers me. He looks like a rabid animal. :-/

  2. I LOVE Mo Willems. All of his books are great, but if you love doing silly voices, read The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog.
    I read those books to my class a couple years ago, and as a journal assignment, had them make up their own sequel and design the cover. Some of my favorites were: "Don't Let The Pigeon go to Texas" and "Don't let the Pigeon Stay Up All Night Playing XBox With The Duck"