Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I hope you've all had a very happy Thanksgiving!

As we do every year, we spent Thanksgiving day with Quincy's parents. We grubbed out and had a little good old fashioned family time.

Today, we participated in our family Black Friday tradition of NOT shopping! (I have to admit that I did secretly sneak into Michaels and get a few things. I couldn't resist!) 

Quincy, Ephraim, Aspen, and I participated in Thanksgiving Take 2. I cooked a turkey and a few other things, and I reheated yesterdays leftovers. We spent most of the morning cleaning up the house to ready it for Christmas decorations this afternoon.

We talked about Pilgrims and Native Americans, and Ephraim wore his traditional headdress. He is so obviously Native American with his pure-white hair and complete lack of melanin. ;)

The turkey was delish!

When we finished eating, we wrote in our "Thanksgiving Book of Thanks."

Ephraim wrote his own name, all by himself, in the bottom right corner of the book! Way to go! His list included the following. "Mom and Dad, Bubbles, Wagon, Christmas Tree, Our Family, Painting/Drawing Thing (this is an easel), the earth, Indians, the sky, all the people, the whole world that all the people are in, funny picture when I was a pirate and Daddy was an Indian and sister was a princess (see below), and for my Spiderman costume and Spiderman pictures, and for my carrots, and for Aspen, and for Momma writing my list down." hahah :) So great! We asked Aspen what she was thankful for, and as her comedic timing is already impeccable, she immediately responded with a loud, "PFFFFTTT!" So, we wrote it down. ;) Quincy and I had tons of things to add to the page, including OUR PROMISED BABY GIRL!, new friends, Grace Church, my new sewing/embroidery machine, Quincy's new planer which he was graciously given for his birthday!, a new sister-in-law, my Bible study girls, our business and the fact that it seems to be turning a corner, and lots of other, more important things, like Jesus, Hope, Peace, Love, Family, Joy, and on and on! So great to sit down and reflect on the year!

(This picture was taken at Mike & Colleen Schmidt's wedding, inside a photo booth they had set up. The album of pictures was hysterical and a really great idea! Kudos to you, Schmidts!)

Anyway, once we were done writing in the book, we added the kids' handprints to their aprons.

I later embroidered Thanksgiving 2010 on the aprons and added the kids' names. 

(Aspen's Hand)

(Ephraim's Hand)

Still on a learning curve with the embroidery machine, but I'm getting there! :) 

Finally, we decorated for Christmas! YAY!!!

Ephraim decorated a new Christmas ornament.

He also got to put the star on top of the tree!

Aspen likes the tree A LOT! As you can see, we have her obstacle-coursed away from it! ;) We'll see how long that holds. 

Finally, Ephraim helped his daddy put up the lights outside! When we were out there, we saw....

A RAINBOW! Thank You God for your promises to us!  The sky was a bit dark, so I apologize for the picture quality, but it was pretty cool to see this giant rainbow. Quincy and I, of course, starting singing "Double Rainbow" in our heads immediately. Good times!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your time was blessed and that you genuinely enjoy this holiday season!


  1. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing your fun day and traditions. I really love the apron idea.
    Wow on the rainbow!!!

  2. What a fun and GREAT day! Awesome!