Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Status Updates for Moms

It has been brought to my attention that I missed a few mom status categories. For that, I am terribly sorry. I hope to remedy this egregious error here.

I honestly can't believe I neglected this first one. What is wrong with me?!?!?! It's the Sappy Sweet. I suppose this could also be an Emotional Outburst (of the positive type), but this is generally when I believe a momma's hormones have gotten the best of her, the world is as rose-colored as it could ever be, and she cannot bear to describe any member of her family with less than two adjectives. "Sally Smith LOVES her amazing, handsome, sweet, wonderful husband and her cute, funny, smart, adorable kids!" Don't get me wrong, I'm an advocate of husband/child love and recognition, but you know we all get carried away with our descriptors sometimes.

The Quoter. I am real big on this one. I tend to lean toward the funny, sarcastic, television quotes, but this can also include the Scripture status. Done that too. Honestly, if you can't think of something clever to say yourself, let God do it for you.... or Tina Fey, as the case may be.

The Crafty Crafterson! This is also a personal favorite of mine. I'll be totally honest with you. We crafters need admiration, and sometimes our kids and husbands just aren't impressed enough. We know if we share our stuff with you, our internet friends, we'll get that pat on the back we're looking for. Thank you for your ego boosts!

The Tattle Tale. This can often fall into the Emotional Outburst category as well; however, this is really the time when a mom needs someone else to know what her kid has done. Perhaps he's busted her lip open, ala Eva Scott. Perhaps she's dumped out an entire container of snacks, ala Aspen Richardson. Perhaps there is marker on the walls, soap on the floors, or paint on the clothing. Whatever the case may be, this mom just needs to tell!

The Trump Card. The trump card status is issued in response to another mom's Honor Roll Bumper Sticker Status Update. Here's my example. "Sally Skinner is so proud of little Bobby getting all As!" (HRBS). Her friend then posts the following. "Jane Johnson is so proud of little Judy getting all A++++s!!!!" (TC). This can obviously also be a Snark, but it is fun to watch nonetheless!

Hopefully I've got them all now! For the record, I think you folks are the sweetest, most beautiful, amazing, lovely, perfect, wonderful, funny people on the planet. For real.


  1. Hilarious!!! I definitely am guilty of the Crafty one. Jonathan just doesn't get it! And the rest of you do!!