Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Quincy's birthday is coming up on Monday! Woot woot! I promised Ephraim that I would take him to the "balloon store" (aka Dollar Tree) and let him get whatever he wanted for his daddy.

We all got dressed and ready to go this morning. I really don't like going to any stores on the weekend. Ephraim decided to go as Spiderman.

This was inside Dollar Tree. Some people will give you funny looks if you let your kid go to the store in a Spiderman costume, but I say, go for it! ;) 

Ephraim had a little trouble picking out gifts for his dad because there were just so many things that he thought would be quite good for himself! I kept asking him, "Is that something Daddy would like? Or something YOU would like?" hahah 

This is the stash that he ended up purchasing.

It included a bag of balloons, sparkly candles, a green tape measure, some birthday blowouts, a green yo-yo, a wind-up disguise face, and 6 shiny bows.

He also got this candy toy thing, which he broke before actually giving it to his dad.

And he chose this cool "Happy Birthday" balloon!

We got home and wrapped it all up in Superman paper. Of course, despite the fact that it's not quite daddy's birthday yet, he had to open it right away! Ephraim insisted.

He ran to the door with it as soon as daddy got home!

Here, Daddy is opening up his presents and playing with them!

Good times! I hope your actual birthday is as fun as today! :) Ephraim loves you SOOOO much (and so do the rest of us!)!


  1. Awwww, I teared up a little. What a FUN birthday tradition. I love that he picked out these little gifts for his Dad. Really cute!!

  2. I forgot to add that some lady at Dollar Tree said, "Ahh! It's Spiderman!" and Ephraim was very concerned. He kept saying, loudly, "It's not Spiderman. It's Ephraim. This is just a costume." As soon as we left the store, he said, "Mom, I need to take this costume off so that I don't scare anyone. That lady thought I was the real Spiderman and didn't know it was just a costume." hahaha