Friday, November 5, 2010

Great Park Adventure - Southside Park

We have officially commenced the Great Park Adventure! Well, we actually began last week, but I forgot my camera, so I'll have to revisit those parks.

Jacksonville has a LOT of parks to visit. I've narrowed down my list a bit by only deciding to visit parks with playground equipment, but it's still a LONG list. So far, my most important park tip is to always have a towel, rag, or roll of paper towels at the ready. The slides are almost always wet! This is true across the board, so come ready!

Today, we visited Southside Park, behind the San Marco library and Balis Community Center. The park was lovely. It is right next to the train tracks, so the kids were pretty excited to see three different trains chug-a-chug on by.

There is an area devoted to the wee ones, with a train for climbing and sliding. There is also a blue tube for the kids to crawl through, but it was very wet inside, and too difficult for any of the mommas to get to the wettest part to clean it out. The blue tube was therefore vetoed. There were also covered picnic tables and baby swings in this area.

For the bigger kids, there is lots to do! Plenty of unique playground equipment, which was graffiti-free! (Bonus!)

Ephraim really enjoyed climbing these tall towers!

Our friends, Eva & Hosea, and Kim, Paul, & Emily, joined us today. We had lots of fun together!

Paul enjoyed the big kid swings, while Aspen and Emily had fun on the baby swings. For whatever reason, Ephraim is not a swing fan.

These things looked like fun to climb on, but both of the big boys deemed them "too wobbly." ;) Maybe in a couple of years!?.

They definitely enjoyed climbing on this crazy slide creation, though!

If you couldn't already tell, it was a bit chilly today. Here's Aspen all bundled up in my scarf inside the stroller. She didn't stay there for long. She can't resist a good time.

Southside Park had plenty of benches in shaded areas for parents, lots of covered picnic tables, a wide-open field that would be great for kickball, and plenty of clean, fun equipment for the littles. Overall, I give it an A! It would've been an A+ if it weren't for the wet blue tube that none of the mommas could clean out for the kids to enjoy. Not a big deal though. I'll still definitely be back. :)

If you'd like to join in our next park in the Great Park Adventure, you're welcome to come! 

I should add the following details about the park, taken from the city of Jacksonville's website. The amenities listed are available at Southside Park. We didn't visit the basketball court, tennis courts, or paved walking trail, but they are definitely there. :) See more about Southside Park on the city of Jacksonville's page.

1Bike racks
11Car Parking
1Multiuse Field
3Picnic shelters
16Picnic Tables
8Playground Equipment
6Tennis Clay Lighted
6Tennis Hard Lighted
0.2Trails Paved (Miles)
4Trash Barrels
YesCommunity Center
YesDrinking Fountain
YesPerimeter Site Fencing
YesSecurity Lighting


  1. This was actually a really nice park. I loved that it had the "little people" spot and then lots of things for the big kids to do too. Definitely a spot to visit again!