Monday, November 22, 2010

Great Park Adventure - Drew Park

It's Quincy's birthday, so he joined us on the Great Park Adventure as we visited Drew Park on the Southside today.

Drew Park is located on Barnes Road on the Southside. There are several baseball fields that take up the majority of the park space. There is also an area of playground equipment, which is where we spent most of our time.

This park has plenty of paved parking, and as you walk into the playground area, you see this red and blue colored equipment. This equipment seemed newer, and it was geared more toward younger children. It had plenty of fun things to do and appeared to be graffiti-free!

Next to this equipment were a couple of baby swings, which Aspen thoroughly enjoyed... and you'll be happy to know that with the encouragement of his daddy, Ephraim MASTERED the swing today! Yay!

There were no big kid swings at Drew Park, just so ya know! ;)

Behind the red and blue equipment was this purple and yellow equipment. It looked a bit older, was geared toward older children, and had some graffiti. It also had metal slides, which was not a problem today (it's November 22nd), but I imagine it is quite toasty on the bottom in the summer months! The other negative about this portion of the playground was that it was surrounded by dirt. No wood or rubber chips. Just dirt. Blah. ;) 

Unfortunately, in these two playground areas, Drew Park easily took the "most litter" award away from Oceanway. There were some maintenance guys out there cleaning up, but they were not getting it all. Still, it was not "really" dirty. It was a pleasant place to play. Our family certainly had fun!

This park also had a little bridge and walking path. We made a quick visit to the bridge for the photo op!

Drew Park had plenty of shade, picnic tables, pavilions, and benches. The weather was really nice today, but even on a hot day, I imagine the shade makes the park quite enjoyable. 

Drew Park unfortunately had the all-time worst litter offense possible. A used condom!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Enough said.

As we were leaving, I had a bee find me particularly attractive, and it seriously would not leave me alone. It kept getting in the van with me. I don't freak out about bees, but I don't want them in the car with my kids. At one point, it flew near Aspen, and I let it land on my hand to guide it out of the car and away from the baby. I know some of you are squealing just considering that! hahah I really wish I had a video of the intricate dance I was performing with this fella just trying to leave the park! I'm sure it would have been hilarious. 

Anyway, here is the Drew Park website, and its amenities as listed on the site.

2Baseball Adult
1Bike racks
420Car Parking
2Concession Stand
6Picnic shelters
26Picnic Tables
5Playground Equipment
2Softball Adult
1Softball Youth Lighted
1Trails Paved (Miles)
113Trash Barrels
YesDrinking Fountain
YesPerimeter Site Fencing
YesSecurity Lighting


  1. That is across the street from my old school (the one I used to work at, not attend). I do not doubt the type of litter you found there at all. (Sadly) In the summer the place is PACKED with tons of adult leagues (baseball or softball).