Friday, November 12, 2010

Great Park Adventure - Crystal Springs Road Park

Today's Great Park Adventure took us to the Westside, to Crystal Springs Road Park. It is located, not coincidentally, on Crystal Springs Road. :)

This is a REALLY nice park. There is plenty of paved parking, covered tables, shade, playground equipment, tennis courts, soccer fields, a fishing pond, and a nature trail with exercise equipment. Tons of fun!

This is the covered pavilion when you first walk into the park. I believe my niece had a birthday party here a few years ago! We ate lunch there today. It's very clean and graffiti-free!

Here are the tennis courts, which we did not visit. Tennis isn't real big on a 3-year-old's to-do list!

Really nice, super fun playground equipment! This first part of the park was labeled for use by children ages 5 and up with adult supervision. It is REALLY high up there!

Plenty of covered benches for parents to occupy while little ones play. Bonus!

This is a pretty cool spiderweb rope climbing thing. Ephraim was a bit intimidated by it, but we met a stranger friend who was all about it!

In the back of the playground area, there is a park labeled for use by 3- to 5-year-olds. Lots of fun stuff there as well!

A fire truck, cave, and police car (which was really a truck)!

Ephraim really liked climbing this u-shaped ladder in the 5-and-up park! (Shhh! Don't tell!) He made me a little nervous, but he was great at it.

Super tall slide with our new friend! Also, the slides weren't wet! Crazy!

Ephraim was explaining to me that he could not look at the camera or do any funny faces when other kids were around. Since school was out today, that meant no funny faces for me!

Super tall twisty slide!

Rock wall! There were plenty of these in various forms.

This was the only damaged playground equipment that I found. There is a big crack at the bottom of this slide.  I also enjoy that you can see the static electricity in Ephraim's hair!

This was a fun 4-person see-saw!

Drums for the musically inclined!

Seriously, the playground equipment at this place was really nice and way too much to list. They did have swings, in case you are wondering. And no, Ephraim still doesn't like them.

There is also a lovely fishing pond with bridge, and a fun nature trail.

(You can see a bit of Kelly and Caleb in this photo!)

There were ducks around the pond, so bring some bread! Kelly did warn me that they are sometimes aggressive.

After all that playing and nature hiking, we sat inside the covered pavilion to enjoy our lunch.

(This picture will serve as proof that Aspen was there.)

Crystal Springs Road Park was really nice. The only negatives that I found were the one cracked slide, and weirdly enough, a pair of toddler underwear on the nature trail?. There was no litter otherwise, and no graffiti. There is a police officer who lives on the premises and a community center as well. There are also bathrooms, which is a huge bonus if you're heading out there with littles. 

Here is the Crystal Springs Road Park's website, and it's amenities as listed on the City of Jacksonville's site.

1Baseball Adult
1Bike racks
66Car Parking
3Pedestrian Docks
8Picnic shelters
44Picnic Tables
29Playground Equipment
4Tennis Hard Lighted
16Trash Barrels
YesCommunity Center
YesDrinking Fountain
YesPerimeter Site Fencing
YesSecurity Lighting

If you haven't already figured it out, this is a HUGE park with tons of things to do! I highly recommend it. 

Next Monday, I am thinking of visiting another Arlington park, or possibly a Northside park. On Friday, I will be at Losco Park in Mandarin. You're invited to join in at any time!


  1. I love Crystal Springs park and would have loved to have met you guys out there. I just had to do 100 errands while my mom had Paul. Please let me know if you go back there again. We've had birthday parties, family reunions & baseball games there. Eddie loves to play tennis there too (when he has someone to play with). Glad you guys had fun!

  2. I've been there before (dating all the way back to high school and church games!) and it is fun! I love that Ephraim didn't want to do any funny faces for you. Cute!

  3. we have been there once. It is a great park!