Saturday, November 27, 2010

Felt Shoes for Baby!

OH. MY. WORD. These are the cutest shoes ever!

I made these little felt shoes last night for Aspen. They were inspired by Simplicity Pattern 2867. I found this beautiful brown felt with a fleurished-type pattern. It was $0.70 per sheet. The project required 2 sheets. I also got some plain brown felt for the sole of the shoes, for $0.50. It only required one sheet. I changed the pattern up a bit since I have an embroidery machine and chose my own design to go on the toe of the shoe. I then cut the two pieces of each shoe. One piece is an oval, which is the sole, and the other is kind of a v-shape, which is the body of the shoe. I added a pretty overcasting stitch around the edges and assembled the pieces. I then punched holes for the "shoelaces," and created shoelaces from some embroidery thread that I crocheted in a long chain. Simple and CRAZY adorable. They are a bit snug, so I'll be making a few more pair in bigger sizes! (Aspen has big feet!) I will probably also add a little bit of puffy paint to the soles to give them some grip since she's walking now. (Sorry, I know this isn't a true tutorial. I wasn't in that mindset when I was making these, but they are so darn cute I had to share! I'll try to make it a real tutorial some time next week.)


  1. Wow, sooooo cute! Where do you get embroidered felt like that???

  2. those are way too cute! I want to konw where you found the felt as well.

  3. The felt just came from Michael's, where the other little rectangles of felt are kept. :) The actual embroidery was done by my machine, but this is what the felt looked like up close -

  4. So cute! The spring flowers sheets are really cute!!