Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Crafts in Progress

First, I thought I'd give you a preview of the fabrics I've gathered for my advent calendar. Remember, you'll be able to see the inspiration project on Tales of the Scotts on Monday!

All of this fabric came from Walmart! I've got to be honest, I am going to miss it when my northside Walmart eliminates the fabric department. It's so convenient when I want to get a bunch of cheap things. By the way, they'll be doing away with it in June 2011, so when it's early summer, come visit me and go grab some cheap fabric at the Lem Turner location!

The most expensive fabric in the group was $5.00 for the 5-yard flatfold on the bottom. The Lem Turner Walmart currently has a table full of tons of flatfolds. The catch is that you have to buy the whole thing. I'm sure I can do something with it! (I did see some cute pink and white zebra print I was considering for Aspen. There are multiples of each pattern, so go grab some if you want it!) The rest of the cuts were 1/4 yards and less than $1 each. This will be a cheap project! Yay!

Also, I started on a crochet wreath! You see, Eva told me she found this wreath I should make. I figured, because I blogged a crochet pattern that day, that it had something to do with crochet. So, I found this. Man, I love it when I'm right! Anyway, I refuse to buy yarn. It's like the thread thing all over again. I did have some green yarn and white yarn. I only had a very small amount of red left. So, since I am of the firm opinion that brown should basically be added to everything, I added some brown and tan yarn. I actually went to Michael's today to buy a wreath, but they were sold out. Crazy. You'd think it was the holiday season or something. ;) 

My wreath will probably just have red flowers. I'm not sure about adding an animal to it yet. We'll see. Here are the flowers, though. You'll remember that I wrote out the pattern for you here. For these, I made one with only one layer, one with two layers, and one with all three layers. I used every last bit of that red yarn. I'll wait till the wreath is assembled to decide about the center of the flowers. 

I think it's going to be cute!


  1. can't wait to see the finished project!

  2. Oh I can't wait to see both things put together!!!! Seriously, super excited!

    And man, I LOVE that flatfold on the bottom. BTW, I have NO idea what a flatfold is??? I assume a whole bolt of fabric???

    Also, LET ME KNOW WHEN WALLY WORLD CLOSES DOWN! I have a fabric obsession now! :-)

  3. love both of your projects! Can't wait to see them completed!

  4. hahah! Eva, you know those bolts of fabric at Joanns that are usually in the clearance section? They are on "flat" pieces of cardboard instead of the "boxy" pieces? Those are flatfolds. :)

  5. So, I went to my Wally World yesterday and they had a huge table full of these flatfolds. I've never seen them there before. Does that mean they're getting rid of our fabric section too? Hmmmmm.....

    Well, I saw the green one you got and I wanted to get it because I think it's so cute but I restrained myself. If I had had a project in mind, I would have. :-) But now I know they're there. Man, it's a $1 a yard!

  6. Well, the rumor that I heard from the craft dept. manager at my store is that they are slowly remodeling all the stores in Jax and removing all the fabric. Boo! Walmart is really the best place to get cute CHEAP fabric. Alas...

    You should ask your store when the remodel is coming... that should tell you when to kiss your fabric section goodbye!