Thursday, November 11, 2010

Box = Fun

Ephraim and I cannot resist a good box. My new fancy sewing machine came in a really nice box. We turned it into a costume. Check it out!

Ephraim drew these shapes on the box, and I cut them out with a box cutter. His nose triangle kept growing larger and larger! hahah

So large, in fact, that his entire face can be seen through it.

We also cut arm holes on the side. This is pre-decorating.

Of course, he was looking a little plain. So we went wild! He has hair, glasses, a mustache, goatee, bow tie, polka dot shirt, striped pants, a blue bird on his shoulder, and a dog. 

Ephraim was probably trying to think of what else he could possibly add to the little guy.

Look at that crazy man!

Incidentally, I asked Ephraim what we should name the guy. He came up with "Ephraim." He's also suggested this name for any future children we may have. Glad he's happy with his name! Crazy kid. :)

Don't waste your boxes, people! They are crazy fun for kids (and parents)!


  1. that's awesome! We want to do a house for Noah maybe out of a refrigerator box.